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Winbak Farm of Delaware is proud to introduce Top Flight Angel for the 2022 breeding season.


“We are thrilled to add Top Flight Angel to our Delaware program,” said Joe Thomson, Winbak Farm Owner. “With the passing of CR Commando, a leading trotting stallion in Delaware for years, we were looking for a young stallion to take his spot.” 


Top Flight Angel, 2, 1:58.1h; 3, 1:54.3h; 1:52.3f ($984,690), is the Winner of 19 races.


At 2, Top Flight Angel was a New York Sire Stakes Winner.


“As a 2-year-old, Top Flight Angel won his first two qualifiers which were on a five-eighths and on a seven-eighths and his stakes races were won on a half-mile,” said Jack Burke, Winbak Farm. “With his ability to fly around a half-mile, we thought he would make a great addition to the Delaware program.”


At 3, Top Flight Angel won the Yonkers Trot Final and 2 New York Sire Stakes legs. He equaled the track record at Batavia in a New York Sire Stakes leg.


“Top Flight Angel won the Yonkers Trot in 1:56.3 and came back the following week to win a leg of the New York Sire Stakes at Batavia in 1:54.3 where he equaled his sire, Archangel’s track record,” said Thomson. “The horse was a consistent performer who always showed lots of heart.”


At 4, Top Flight Angel won his Breeders Crown elimination and was second in the Final.


“When Top Flight Angel won the Yonkers Trot Final, he won against top horses such as Devious Man and Guardian Angel AS and when he won the Breeders Crown elimination, he won against Hannelore Hanover and Homicide Hunter,” said Jack Burke, Winbak Farm. “This is just a small sample of who he has won against. He has proven himself against some of the best trotters in recent years.”


From 3 through now, Top Flight Angel has been campaigned by Julie Miller.  


“Top Flight Angel is a half-mile specialist that has great conformation,” said Julie Miller, Trainer. “He is always a professional on and off the track.” 


Top Flight Angel will continue racing until closer to breeding season.


“Our current plans are for Top Flight Angel to keep racing until he reaches Millionaire status,” said Burke. “He is a well-put together, handsome individual and I believe he will be a great addition to Winbak Farm’s Delaware Program.”


Top Flight Angel’s stud fee will be announced soon. For more information on Top Flight Angel, visit or contact Jack Burke at 410-885-3059 or


“Top Flight Angel should be a great cross for many of the trotting lines in Delaware, especially Garland Lobell and Muscles Yankee line mares,” said Thomson. “We believe he will be an outstanding match for Garland Lobell line mares and Muscle Yankee line mares.”


During his racing career, Top Flight Angel was owned by Alan Hainsworth, who passed away earlier this year. 


“We want to thank Alan’s son Chuck, the rest of the Hainsworth family and the Millers for their help in acquiring Top Flight Angel,” said Thomson. “Alan was a great friend to many of us at Winbak Farm and is missed, but we believe he would be very proud of Top Flight Angel standing at stud.”