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Winbak Farm is sad to announce the passing of Mood Indigo, p, 2, 1:57.1f; 3, 1:57f; 1:53 ($134,517). The 32-year-old was euthanized on Tuesday, February 22nd, after suffering from side-effects of colic. 


At 2, Mood Indigo won the Circuit QC Plus and Serie Perfecta at Blue Bonnets. She was second in Serie Perfecta (twice) at Blue Bonnets. At 3, Mood Indigo was second in Ville Marie Series division at Blue Bonnets.


Mood Indigo was the dam of Three Olives, p, 2, 1:52s; 3, 1:51 ($1,086,795). At 2, Three Olives won the American-National Final, Hanover Stakes division, 2 Kentucky Sire stakes legs, Metro Pace elimination and Review- Little Pat Stakes. He was second in American-National elimination, Metro Pace Final and third in Breeders Crown elimination and the Final. At 3, Three Olives won the Windy City Pace elimination and Final. He was second in a Jug Preview division, Little Brown Jug elimination, Meadowlands Pace elimination and North America Cup elimination. Three Olives later stood at Winbak Farm of Delaware and sired 45x Winner, Somethinginthewind, p, 3, 1:54f; 1:49f ($467,675). He later moved to The Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute and sired 27x Winner, Auntmillysmartini, p, 2, 2:01h; 3, 1:52.1f ($227,692).


She was also the dam of 37x Winner, Kiss My Cam, p, 3, 1:57.1f; 1:51.2f ($241,061), and 27x Winner, Mr Trentonian, p, 3, 1:53.3 ($144,953). 


Mood Indigo had her last foal in 2014 and had been living out her retirement at Winbak Farm of Maryland since that foal had been weaned.


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