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Winbak Farm is excited to present the 2023 Stallion Roster. The farm is standing stallions in Delaware, Maryland, New York, Ontario and Pennsylvania in the upcoming breeding season. 


Winbak Farm of Delaware is proud to announce the addition of Southwind Frank, 2, 1:52.2; 3, 1:52.1 ($1,950,887). He is a proven sire of exciting performers including 2022 Pennsylvania Sire Stakes Final Winner, Bond, 2, 1:52.3 -'22 ($587,264).


Winbak Farm of Maryland is thrilled to introduce Wearinmysixshooter, p, 2, 1:53f -'21 ($287,826). He is a Stakes-Winning son of Captaintreacherous from the maternal family of Heston Blue Chip, p, 3, 1:48f ($1,781,881), Sunfire Blue Chip, p, 3, 1:48.3f ($1,626,773), and Kissin In The Sand, p, 3, 1:47.4 ($1,741,094).


2023 Winbak Farm Lineup


Canada Pacers

Artspeak - $4,000 CAD (multiple mare & loyalty discounts available)

Betterthancheddar - $4,000 CAD (multiple mare & loyalty discounts available)

Betting Line - $5,000 CAD (multiple mare & loyalty discounts available)

Bettor’s Delight - $20,000 CAD (contact Blue Chip Farm)

McWicked - $6,500 CAD


Canada Trotters

Archangel - $7,500 CAD (multiple mare & loyalty discounts available)

My MVP - $4,000 CAD (multiple mare & loyalty discounts available)

Trixton - $7,500 U.S. (contact Deo Volente Farms)


Delaware Pacers

Badlands Hanover - $4,000

Classic Card Shark - $3,500

He’s Watching - $5,000

Roddy’s Bags Again - $2,500

Sports Column - $2,500


Delaware Trotters

Glidemaster - $3,000

Southwind Frank - $5,000 (NEW!)

Top Flight Angel - $3,500


Maryland Pacers

Quik Pulse Mindale - $2,000

Wearinmysixshooter - $4,000 (NEW!)


New York Pacers

Artiscape - $2,500

Courtly Choice - $6,000


New York Trotter

Met’s Hall - $5,500


Pennsylvania Pacer

Heston Blue Chip - $6,000 (contact Diamond Creek Farm)


More information on the stallions, including booking applications, can be found at Please note that booking for Bettor’s Delight is managed by Blue Chip Farms, booking for Heston Blue Chip is handled by Diamond Creek Farm and booking for Trixton is conducted with Deo Volente Farm.


The 2023 breeding season will start on February 13th and end on July 8th.


Be sure to follow the Winbak Farm Facebook page during the upcoming foaling season (January-July) for your chance to name a Winbak Farm foal! In 2022, over 120 people had at least one of their names chosen for a Winbak Farm foal.


Winbak Farm staff is available 6 days a week to help with breeding-relating questions and to help find the right match for your mare. Please email or call 410.885.3059 if assistance is needed.