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g>Hanover, PA --- Despite the efforts of a witch named Sandy, everything is in order for next week's Harrisburg Sale.


The Harrisburg area was near the epicenter of the storm of the century. Nevertheless, a combination of hard work and exceptional organization by the sales operations manager Dale Welk and his dedicated crew -- and some good fortune that prevented flooding -- the Pennsylvania State Farm Show Arena emerged from the catastrophic storm in good shape.


"It was a very scary situation, but we managed to dodge a bullet," Welk said. "Virtually everything is set up and we expect horses to begin arriving on Thursday."


All of the yearlings in the sale should be available for inspection beginning Sunday morning, Nov. 4, with some being available the previous day.


The six-day sales extravaganza will begin on Monday, Nov. 5 and will conclude on Saturday, Nov. 10. Except for the Monday session, which will begin at 11 a.m., eastern, all of the sessions will start at 10 a.m.