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Chadds Ford, PA - The Badlands Hanover Syndicate recognizes that recent industry related decisions may place significant hardship on many Standardbred owners and breeders. Over the last several months, we have read several disturbing articles regarding the potential euthanasia of Ontario based standardbred horses.  In addition, we have talked to some breeders that are reluctant to pay their 2011 stud fee for their 2012 weanling as a result of pending legislation.  We have also been approached by one non-­­­­Syndicate breeder "to either discount our 2012 stud fee or they would euthanize their mares".  As a result of these events and the apparent heightened concerns of some breeders; John Celii and Eric Cherry, prominent  members of the Badlands Hanover Syndicate, are offering breeder's several options versus euthanasia.  To this end, the newly formed Badlands Hanover Rescue Program is committing to the following alternatives:


First, The Rescue Program offers two alternatives for any breeder that has a Badlands Hanover sired 2012 weanling on the ground, that was the result of a Badlands Hanover Syndicate Breeding, that has not yet paid the stud fee and is considering euthanizing the weanling:


1) If the breeder pays the stud fee, The Program will list and try to sell the weanling on On-Gait. We will make this sale free of any sale charges or sale commissions.


2) In the event the owner is not willing to pay the stud fee, the Rescue Program will waive the stud fee and will assume the ownership of the weanling. Certain conditions and restrictions apply.


Second, the Rescue Program also offers two alternatives for any breeder that; has a mare in foal to Badlands Hanover as a result of a 2012 Badlands Hanover Syndicate breeding, the breeder would prefer not paying the stud fee and is considering euthanizing the mare:  


1)The Program will list the brood mare at auction on On-Gait (stud fee not paid) with a minimum bid of $600.00. Any bid higher than $600.00 will consummate a sale. We will make this sale free of any sale charges or sale commissions.


2) In the event, the brood mare does not sell, the breeder would prefer not paying the stud fee, the Rescue Program will assume the ownership of the mare. The breeder will be free from any 2012 stud fee obligations and any future liability for the mare. Certain conditions and restrictions apply.


"We are offering this program for three primary reasons. First, we are animal lovers, who do not want to see horses destroyed. Second, we believe in our stallion and the potential success of his progeny. Third, we remain optimistic that the Standardbred Industry in Ontario will survive the recent and future decisions and we plan to allow Badlands Hanover to remain there. We are willing to stand by our convictions", stated John Celii, The Badlands Hanover Syndicate Manager.


In the near future, the Rescue Program will contact breeder's with 2012 weanlings on the ground(stud fee not paid), to advise them of their options. In the interim, if there are individuals that maybe interested in this program, please contact John Celii at 610-585-7776 or email status to  This offer is in effect until January 15th, 2013.