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New Freedom, PA --- We at Nandi Veterinary Associates and Nandi Farm feel that the best way to honor Dr. John P. Hurtgen's legacy is to continue the business that he worked so hard to establish.

Stephen Moore, farm manager, has worked side-by-side with Dr. Hurtgen for seven years and has a firm grasp of his methodology for foaling mares, breeding mares and collecting stallions. We also have veterinary input from neighboring practitioners who were close associates of Dr. Hurtgen's. In fact, Dr. Penny Grove worked at Nandi Veterinary Associates for eight years prior to opening her own practice. Michele Moore, who has also worked at Nandi for seven years as office manager, will continue in that capacity. The only service we will no longer provide is embryo transfer.

Steve, Michele and Dr. Grove have made the transition as seamless as possible under the circumstances.

We are all thankful for the many gestures of sympathy and understanding from colleagues in the Standardbred industry. It is our goal to continue to provide the industry with the same quality mare and stallion management that Dr. Hurtgen's clients have come to expect.