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The 2015 Ontario Budget was passed in the Legislature on Wednesday, June 3 with the government's stance on the provincial horse racing industry briefly reiterated in the bill.


The section titled "Creating a Supportive Business Environment" references the Ontario Horse Racing Partnership Plan that was created after the Slots-At-Racetracks Program was cancelled and the government's $500 million, five-year investment in the industry for long-term sustainability.


The Budget states that the government will be proposing a number of changes to provincial statutes in 2015-16 that "would integrate support for provincial horse racing within OLG’s mandate and transfer the Province’s regulatory responsibilities for horse racing to the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario." The proposed changes could result in the creation of a new statute or affect the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation Act; Alcohol and Gaming Regulation and Public Protection Act; Licence Appeal Tribunal Act; Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Act; and Racing Commission Act.


The Budget states that "The government will also be looking to the industry for leadership and continued collaboration. The industry may, in future, manage industry programs while championing the interests of all its members and customers, and providing non-binding advice to the Province and its agencies."


To view the 2015 Ontario Budget, click here.