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ention-seeking Standardbred foal is getting a lot more attention than expected after a video of her amorous antics has gone viral.


A video shared on social media starring nine-year-old trotting mare Cook Off (aka 'Cookie') and her filly Gin Smash ('Ginny') has attracted nearly 7 million views as of Thursday morning (May 25) after being picked up by Waggle, a live streaming platform for pets and animal lovers that has a partnership with America's Funniest Videos.


Hoping to snap a nice photo of her 12-day-old foal, Lori Carson had her camera ready as she walked into the barn where her husband James Fullerton was trimming their mare's feet. But Carson caught more than just a cute photo as the pushy foal was intent on interrupting her mom's pedicure to get some attention of her own.


Carson caught the adorable encounter on video and posted it on her Facebook page on April 29 then submitted it to America's Funniest Videos. AFV affiliate Waggle shared the video on its social media platforms this past Monday evening (May 22). Carson's initial post received over 9,400 views and 151 shares, but the video has since gone viral via Waggle. By Tuesday night, Waggle's post had 2.7 million views and more than doubled to 6 million over the next 24 hours.


"I can't believe how many people have viewed it and commented," said Carson, who is the daughter of livestock auctioneer David Carson.


The frisky filly is Cook Off's second foal by Archangel. Carson told Trot Insider Ginny's brother Get Off My Arch ('Archie') was more quiet, but very friendly. "But this little girl, she has attitude like crazy," laughed Carson.


"When she comes around [James in the video], she is just a worm, gets right curled around him when she comes around the side. And then she goes behind him and she's straight behind him and tries to push and she can't, but then she goes sideways to get her shoulder into him. We just couldn't get over how, at 12 days old, she would know to do that."


Fullerton, who owns horses and is a driver for International Horse Transport, purchased Cook Off privately from the Wayne Henry stable at the end of her Ontario Sires Stakes campaign and she went on to compete on the WEG Circuit for two seasons, earning 12 wins and more than $190,000 on track before becoming a broodmare.


"She's good with us," said Carson of Cook Off's demeanor. "If the baby gets out of her sight, she gets pretty high strung, but I guess when James was trimming her, she knows, she's comfortable around us. She's pretty good-natured."


As for Ginny, the Listowel, Ontario couple is hoping the filly's attitude and intelligence will help her succeed in a future racing career.

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