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d JoAnn Thomson, owners of Winbak Farm (one of North America’s largest Standardbred farms) and Pacer Financial, have a lot to celebrate. Pacer Financial is a national sales company bringing unique solutions to the financial marketplace (i.e. exchange traded funds “ETFs”). ETFs are the fastest growing product in financial services today. Pacer Financial just celebrated its second birthday for ETFs while at the same time crossing the $1billion mark in assets under management. Pacer celebrated with their 50+ employees at Winbak on June 16th. The employees and their families went on the official tour learning about Winbak Farm’s rich history and its mark on the Standardbred horse industry with its breeding, yearling and racing divisions. The families were able to interact with the horses and see the newest Winbak additions, the 2017 foals. The guests enjoyed miniature horse cart rides, horseback riding (with a retired Standardbred) and Clydesdale wagon rides.


“Pacer Financial was named Pacer because it sounds better than trotter”, said Joe Thomson jokingly.


Pacer Financial can link its name to Joe’s love for the sport of harness racing.