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Trotting Center: 2012 Winter training roster

Winter residents at Winter Miles Trotting Center in Astor, Fla., include world champion 2-year-old and Breeders Crown winner Sweet Lou p,2,1:49 ($686,647) from the Burke stable and Hambletonian runner-up Whiskey Tax 3,1:55.1 ($605,300) from Tom & June Durand's stable.

Dan Altmeyer Stable
Breck Elaine 2,f,p, Allamerican Native--Quizzical
Jesse’s Diamond 2,f,p, Yankee Cruiser--Bunny Ruffles
McLiberty 2,c,p, McArdle--Philadelphia
Petunia’s Dragon 2,f,p, Dragon Again--Western Realist
Tempster Hanover 2,c,p, Somebeachsomewhere--Tempest Blue Chip
Trine Hanover 2,f,p, The Panderosa--Transfer Hanover
Waikiki Hanover 2,c,t, Cantab Hall--Whitesand Samantha
Whetstone Hanover 2,f,p, Somebeachsomewhere--Whatsupcuz
Won Ton Hanover 2,f,t, Glidemaster--Won An Done

Art Song Hanover (2,Q2:03.1f) 3,f,t, Donato Hanover--Armbro Amadeus
Balladeer Hanover 3,f,p, The Panderosa--Bet Me Hanover
Late Night Terror 3,c,p, Western Terror--Late Night Babe

Burke Stable
Adventurepan 2,f,p, Mach Three--Disneypan
Allaboutme Hanover 2,c,p, Somebeachsomewhere--Allamerican Cool
All Day Rayne 2,f,t, Donato Hanover--Crystal V W
Americasgottalent 2,c,p, American Ideal--Sunduel A
Arthur And Kathryn 2,c,p, Real Desire--Graceful Motion
Artic Tale 2,c,t, Donato Hanover--Southwind Wake
Art Ideal 2,f,p, American Ideal--Michelle’s Art
Carol’s Desire 2,f,p, Real Desire--Carolache
Coffeecake Hanover 2,f,t, Cantab Hall--Cr Calendar Girl
Dedi’s Dragon 2,f,p, Dragon Again--Dedi’s Dream
Dojea Nodoze 2,c,t, Cincinnati Kid--Talkinginmysleep
Dont Goa Way 2,f,p, Dontgetinmyway--Goa B B
Dynamic Star 2,f,p, Always A Virgin--Deal Offthe Bottom
Edington 2,c,p, Rocknroll Hanover--Spirit Of Ivy
Gramercy Hanover 2,f,p, Bettor's Delight--Gray Major
Happysales To You 2,f,p, American Ideal--Art Sale
Hoosier Chinna 2,f,p, Canyon Wind--Dame Crombie
Hot N Shooting 2,c,p, Sand Shooter--Luftpansa
Huga Yankee 2,c,p, Yankee Cruiser--Hip Huggers
I Remember When 2,c,p, Always A Virgin--Adjust My Halo
Its Time We Met 2,f,p, Real Desire--Gabrielle
Jailhouse Rayne 2,f,t, Jailhouse Jesse--Amber Rayne
Jailhouse Trouble 2,f,t, Jailhouse Jesse--Southern Mischief
Jesuitical Hanover 2,c,p, Dragon Again--Jasmine Hanover
Lebron Hall 2,c,p, Somebeachsomewhere--Lantana Hall
Mario Hall 2,c,p, Dragon Again--Meggie Mo
Mistresstothestars 2,f,p, Dragon Again--Sportsmistress
Modern Cruiser 2,c,p, Yankee Cruiser--Modern Medicine
Mr Jesse 2,c,t, Jailhouse Jesse--Long Lane
Moustache Hanover 2,c,p, Yankee Cruiser--Maureen Hanover
Panongahela 2,c,p, No Pan Intended--Parapanalia
Panpero Firpo 2,c,p, No Pan Intended--Pangoon
Real Mozartist 2,f,p, Real Desire--Artbidextrous
Rockaholic 2,c,p, Rocknroll Hanover--Pacific Classic
Shockoe Hanover 2,c,t, Donato Hanover--Sharise Seelster
Silk Pajamas 2,f,p, Bettor's Delight--Silksndiamonds
The Pan Poobah 2,c,p, The Panderosa--Pandalay Bay

Darena Hanover (p,2,1:53.3f) 3,f,p, Yankee Cruiser--Dashaway Hanover
Destiny’s Chance (p,2,1:52-$287,098) 3,f,p, Four Starzzz Shark--Four Starz Sands
Gaynor Blue Chip 3,f,t, Andover Hall--Glad You Asked
Kid Formula (2,Q2:00.3f) 3,c,t, Cincinnati Kid--Kandy Angus
Mortal Zin (p,2,1:53.4f) 3,g,p, Rocknroll Hanover--Zintillating
Sequin Hanover (2,Q2:01f) 3,f,t, SJ’s Caviar--Southern Puff
Something Better 3,f,t, Tom Ridge--Name It Something
Sweet Lou (p,2,1:49-$686,647-world champion & Breeders Crown winner) 3,c,p, Yankee Cruiser--Sweet Future
War Cry Hall (2,2:00.4h) 3,c,t, Cash Hall--Winners Only

Four Starz Speed (4,1:53.1-$618,844) 7,g,t, Conway Hall--Lotstoliveupto
Hugadragon (p,3,1:49.3f-$834,934) 4,g,p, Dragon Again--Hip Huggers

Jimmy Cruise Stable
Oneofthesenights 2,f,p, Art Major--Reimburse
Simpletwistoffate 2,f,p, American Ideal--L Dees Abletowin
Sweetchildofmine 2,f,p, Artiscape--Mama Nukes

Dangerismybusiness (4,1:56z) 5,g,t, Revenue S--Santa Royal

Tom & June Durand Stable
Hunkofburninlove 2,c,t, Muscle Mass--Armbro Adored
Rolls Blue Chip 2,c,t, Credit Winner--Reven Crown

3-year olds
Betty Oop 3,f,t, Ken Warkentin--Maleficent
Littlejack Hanover (2,Q2:00.1) 3,c,t, Donato Hanover--Lady Bar
Shine On 3,f,t, Revenue