2023 Winbak Farm Yearlings

Born To Compete...Raised To Win

Winbak Farm yearlings are eligible to 7 slot-enriched areas including Delaware, Indiana, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Ontario and Pennsylvania.

In addition, many yearlings are eligible to the profitable Maryland Standardbred Race Fund. Two yearlings are dual-eligible to the lucrative Kentucky program.

The 2023 Yearling Roster is displayed below. Please click on a yearling’s name for pedigree.

Sale Hip Gait Sex Yearling Sire Dam Sire of Dam State
10/2-10/6 LEXINGTON 119 P F Smile Happy Papi Rob Hanover Weeper Allamerican Native PA
10/2-10/6 LEXINGTON 604 T C Grand Patrol Cantab Hall Day At The Spa Andover Hall PA
11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG 836 T C Billionaires Club International Moni Fancy Fran Angus Hall PA
11/9-11/10 HARRISBURG MIXED 859 P F Top Flight Beauty Heston Blue Chip Linden Beauty Armbro Mackintosh PA
11/9-11/10 HARRISBURG MIXED 890 P C Escape Room Heston Blue Chip Escape Girl Artiscape PA
11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG 808 P C Cover Up Bet Betting Line Cover Up Hall Badlands Hanover PA
11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG 526 P C Magical Bet Betting Line Gottalottago Badlands Hanover PA
10/2-10/6 LEXINGTON 29 P F Hannah Mckee Papi Rob Hanover Free Show Badlands Hanover PA
11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG 436 P C Snack Attack Stay Hungry Bridge To Tomorrow Bettor's Delight PA
10/2-10/6 LEXINGTON 785 T C Market Wizard International Moni Clover Market Broad Bahn PA
11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG 637 P C Best Chip Heston Blue Chip Place Your Best Cambest PA
11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG 231 P F Feed The Fire Stay Hungry Marietta Hall Cambest PA
10/2-10/6 LEXINGTON 322 P C Pirates Code Captaintreacherous Queen Fourteen Camluck PA
10/2-10/6 LEXINGTON 295 P F One Sweet Chance Sweet Lou Chancey Lady Camluck PA
11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG 574 P C Charge Me Up Heston Blue Chip Lismorebella Camluck PA
11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG 311 T C Gambling Hall Cantab Hall Roll Sevens Chapter Seven PA
11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG 364 T F Tasty Win Cantab Hall Truffles Chocolatier PA
10/2-10/6 LEXINGTON 473 T F Nashville Vibes Bar Hopping Doin The City Conway Hall PA
10/2-10/6 LEXINGTON 407 T C I'll Have A Double Bar Hopping Adreamcomestrue As Conway Hall PA
10/2-10/6 LEXINGTON 980 T C Bell Hall Cantab Hall Eight Bells Conway Hall PA
11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG 21 T F Lady Irene Cantab Hall Lady Winona Credit Winner PA
11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG 674 P F Tina's Wish Bettor's Wish Selinas's Joy Dragon Again PA
10/2-10/6 LEXINGTON 984 P C Flight In Motion Betting Line Tidewaterdragonfly Dragon Again PA
11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG 616 T C Prince Of Royals Cantab Hall New Royalty Giant Hit PA
10/2-10/6 LEXINGTON 621 T F Milky Way Bay Cantab Hall Aurora Bay Glidemaster PA
10/2-10/6 LEXINGTON 695 T F Worldly Charm International Moni Manalapan Mr Vic PA
11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG 194 T C Webflow International Moni Ivory Pearl Muscle Hill PA
11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG 784 T C Ballroom Bash Cantab Hall Belle Of The Ball Muscles Yankee PA
11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG 613 T F Pop The Tab Cantab Hall Mustalgia Muscles Yankee PA
10/2-10/6 LEXINGTON 985 T C Startthebusgus Cantab Hall Starter Up Muscles Yankee PA
10/2-10/6 LEXINGTON 276 P F Bettor's Ticket Bettor's Wish Free Ticket Quik Pulse Mindale PA
11/9-11/10 HARRISBURG MIXED 870 P C Major Drama Heston Blue Chip Real Drama Real Desire PA
11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG 272 P C World Of Wishes Bettor's Wish Peak Of Chic Roddy's Bags Again PA
10/2-10/6 LEXINGTON 412 P C Blazing Cruiser Sweet Lou Pleasant Roll Roll With Joe PA
11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG 322 P F Carry Z* Always B Miki Somelovesomewhere Somebeachsomewhere PA
11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG 795 P F Pop The Bubbles Bettor's Wish Lady Bubbles Sportswriter PA
10/2-10/6 LEXINGTON 526 P C Quick Louwee Sweet Lou Warrawee Quick Sportswriter PA
10/2-10/6 LEXINGTON 857 T C Blue Patrol Cantab Hall Blue Yonder Tagliabue PA
11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG 521 P F Remarkable Rachel Betting Line Gabby Tabby Western Ideal PA
11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG 601 P C Perfect Wager Betting Line Michelle's Ideal Western Ideal PA
10/2-10/6 LEXINGTON 593 T C One Trust International Moni Island Town Yankee Glide PA