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Astor, FL — Here is the 2023 training roster for the Burke Training Center in Astor, Fla. First crop sires with horses training in Astor include Bettor's Wish, Captain Crunch, Courtly Choice, Dancin Yankee, Greenshoe, Six Pack, and Volstead.

The Ron Burke Stable is training 75 2-year-olds, including a full sister to 2021 Little Brown Jug winner Lou’s Pearlman.

Foiled Again, harness racing’s all-time richest horse with $7.6 million in earnings and officially retired from racing, is again a snowbird wintering in Florida.

Robert Anderson Stable
Center Attraction p,m,4, (p,3,1:54.1h, $44,070) American Ideal—Art Center (Winbak-Bred)

Burke Stable
Absolutely Hanover t,f, Bar Hopping—Are You Ready
Aleutian Hanover p,c, Betting Line—American Charm
Ann’s Frank t,f, Southwind Frank—Expose Yourself
Artonic Hanover p,f, Betting Line—Allamerican Cognac
Banyan House p,c, Downbytheseaside—Pure Paradise
Beams Of The Sun p,f, Downbytheseaside—Beamer
Bettor Stay Hungry p,c, Stay Hungry—Venus Delight
Blood Bond p,c, Captain Crunch—Blood Diamond
Bonitas Best Bet p,f, All Bets Off—Bonita Beach
Cahira Hanover t,f, Greenshoe—Creditover
Canigetalouploup p,f, Sweet Lou—Continual Velocity
Cantabile t,c, Cantab Hall—Nicole’s Promise
Chat With Chewie p,f, Well Said—JT’s Chewbacca
Chiapanecas p,f, Stay Hungry—Maniana
Classic Landing t,c, Tactical Landing—Classical Landing
Concealed p,c, Captaintreacherous—Unseen
Craigieburn t,f, Tactical Landing—Crann Tara
Creatine Power t,c, Creatine—Love Remembers
Crowbar Girl t,f, Chapter Seven—Miss Trixton
Dancin Champion p,c, Sweet Lou—Dancewiththebest
Desirous p,f, Bettor’s Wish—Lovely Assistant
Downbythedanceclub p,c, Downbytheseaside—Dancing Shadows K
Dream Bird p,f, Sweet Lou—Osprey Blue Chip
Fancy Nancy Lopez t,f, Muscle Hill—Lei Trevino
Fredericktown Lad p,c, Stay Hungry—Ann Van Go
Getheshowontheroad p,c, Betting Line—Come See The Show
Globallyattractive t,c, Volstead—Globallyglamourous
Howaboutayankee p,c, Dancin Yankee—Opie’s Girl
Hunting For Kisses p,f, Huntsville—All About Kisses
Iam Independent t,f, Triumphant Caviar—Can’t Get Over You
Innuendo p,f, Bettor’s Delight—JK Miss Molly
It’s A Girl Thing t,f, What The Hill—Booing
Its My Hill t,f, What The Hill—Itsnot U Its-me
Kinesiology t,f, Walner—Muscle Test
La Minita Hanover p,f, Betting Line—Latte Lady
Lets Go Balze p,c, American Ideal—Southinkucandance
Lexi B t,f, Southwind Frank—Sand Lavender-Blu
Lindy’s Not Scared p,f, Always B Miki—Lindy’s Nightmare
Lou Lou p,f, Sweet Lou—Sassa Hanover
Lousloulemon p,f, Sweet Lou—Fashion Fuzzy
Lou Vuitton p,c, Sweet Lou—Shark Lightning
Marching Fourth t,c, Southwind Frank—Unefoisdansmavie
Mary Of Bethany p,f, Lazarus N—Just Like Kate
Midwind Beach Boy p,c, Downbytheseaside—American Major
Mikis Best Shot p,c, Always B Miki—Momas Got A Gun
Mission Yet To Be t,f, Greenshoe—Primary Target
Monsoon p,f, Captaintreacherous—Typhoon
My Girl EJ p,f, Sweet Lou—Lucy’s Pearl
Noblesville p,c, JK Endofanera—Happiness
Norma Pearl t,f, Father Patrick—Celebrity Obsession
Outer Banks p,c, Downbytheseaside—Speedo Miss
Patty G t,f, Father Patrick—Princess Elsa
Queenoftheclub t,f, Southwind Frank—Ms Carnoustie
Rip Tide p,c, Downbytheseaside—Sweet Chrome
Rochester Flash p,c, Stay Hungry—Double Creme
Rocknroll Lou p,c, Sweet Lou—Beautiful Lady
Seaside Games p,c, Downbytheseaside—Liscaramore
Side Bar p,c, Downbytheseaside—Real Fine
Sister’s Keepsake t,f, Tactical Landing—High Heels Hanover
Solid Character p,c, Sweet Lou—Riley Character
Stay Frosty p,c, Stay Hungry—Mintjulep Blue Chip
Stay Lucky p,f, Stay Hungry—Alexa’s Luck
Steelwheel Hanover p,c, All Bets Off—Scarlet’s Western
Sweet Gal p,f, Sweet Lou—Beach Gal
Sea Shanty Hanover p,f, Captaintreacherous—Sausalito
Seven Reps t,c, Muscle Hill—Sette Deo
Smarter Than You t,c, Father Patrick—Smarty Pants
Steely Knife p,c, Always B Miki—Cuts Like A Knife
Sula Hanover p,f, Downbytheseaside—Shyaway
Sweetloutotherescu p,c, Sweet Lou—Chicascape
Swiftly Lazar p,c, Sweet Lou—Cam Swifty
Swimwiththecurrent p,c, Bettor’s Wish—Keystone Riptide
Twenty Five p,c, Downbytheseaside—Hula Shuffle
Way To Go Captain p,c, Captaintreacherous—Way Bettor
Wellington Hanover t,c, International Moni—Wishful Me
What An Ocean View p,c, Downbytheseaside—Graceful Vision

Curtis Carey Stable
Bet On Brady p,c, Betting Line—I’m Just Special
Bobbybobbybobby p,c, Millionaire Cam—Marshamarshamarsha
Fated Future p,f, Betting Line—Secrets Out N
Frosty Hill t,c, What The Hill—Frosty Flirt
Jenna’s Court p,f, Courtly Choice—Jenna’s Joy
Mighty Mackie p,c, Courtly Choice—Linden Beauty
Nasty Crunch p,c, Captain Crunch—Nasty Rumor
Nottingham t,c, E L Titan—Lady Marian

Manasquan Beach p,f, (p,2,1:57f, $21,540) Sunshine Beach—Charmed Native
Tack Room Chatter p,c, ($8,272) Huntsville—Happy Hannah

Older Horse
Minnie Vinnie p,g,8, (p,4,1:51.4s, $269,257) Millionaire Cam—Princess Zoie

Dan Daley Stable
Diamonds Choice p,f, Courtly Choice—Flirtwiththedealer
Erin t,f, E L Titan—Blurred
Fringed t,c, Crazy Wow—Jinx
Midnight Bourbon p,c, American Ideal—Rare Filly (Winbak-Bred)
Poked t,c, Trixton—Gradabra
Ramborain t,c, Crazy Wow—Scarlett Rayne Deo
Senor Fantastic t,c, Tactical Landing—Fancy
Six Iron t,c, Six Pack—Lola De Vie
Wanderin’ Wanda t,f, Devious Man—Miss Conway
Wow Love t,f, Crazy Wow—Classic Yankee

Daley Rep t,c, ($29,170) Met’s Hall—Je T’Aime
Hit Like Crazy t,c, (2,Q2:01.3s, $12,727) Crazy Wow—Housethatruthbuilt
Speedy Pittstop t,g, Whataworkout—Nowerland Kristen

Older horses
Blue Collar Man p,g,4, (p,3,1:52.1h, $64,858) Bolt The Duer—Celebrate America (Winbak-Bred)
Grey Clouds t,g,4, (3,1:56.3s, $66,841) Chapter Seven—Crazy Grigio
Joxter t,g,5, (4,1:52.4f, $128,135) Chapter Seven—Oh Oh Its Magic
Yanaba t,m,4, (3,1:53.1, $150,475) Trixton—Zanna Royal

Benny Eggers Stable
Mets Amazing Grace t,f, Met’s Hall—Salt Hill Brigid
Scootermagrooter p,c, Huntsville—Take My Pulse
Vodka N Cran p,c, Artiscape—Vodka N Lime (Winbak-Bred)

Spending Crazy t,c, Crazy Wow—Seven Eleven
Bak To Magic p,g, (p,2,2:01.3h, $4,682) Boston Red Rocks—Magic Card (Winbak-Bred)

Rick Huffman Stable
Agent Of Chaos t,c, Chapter Seven—Bonnie Lou
Baby Flash t,f, Southwind Flash—DJ French Baby
Hot Cam p,c, Millionaire Cam—Hotcheddarbrat
Johnny Freight p,c, Sportswriter—Allamerican Summer
SV Fancy Glide t,f, Tom Ridge—Sierra Glide

Some Kinda Night t,g, (2,2:09.4h, $3,453) Trixton—Some Kinda Special

Ray & Sue Vandreason Stable
Upinatwist t,f, Crazy Wow—New Sensation

Hill R Us t,f, Hill I Am—Diamonds R Us
Swipe The Stripe t,f, Credit Winner—Winbak Half (Winbak-Bred)