Winbak Farm Yearlings

Born To Compete And Raised To Win

Be sure to check out our lineup to take advantage of opportunities in slot-enriched states.

Our yearlings are eligible in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Ontario and Pennsylvania.

The 2021 Yearling Roster is displayed below. Please click on a yearling’s name for more information.

Yearling videos will be posted closer to individual sale dates.

Sale Hip Gait Sex Yearling Sire Dam Sire of Dam State
P C Aaron's Ace American Ideal Acey Deucey Cam's Card Shark NY
P C Action Reporter Sportswriter Lady Lynnly Shadow Play ON
P F Alabama Hannah Huntsville Upfrontandpersonal Bettor's Delight NY
T F All Girls Club My MVP Females Rule Angus Hall ON
P F All Sass Well Said All Lace Roll With Joe NY
T C All Star Yankee My MVP Yankee Blondie American Winner ON
P C Alota Bolt Bolt The Duer Alota Bling Badlands Hanover NY
P C America The Great Delmarvalous Jet America Allamerican Native DE
P C American Fling American Ideal Feeling You Cambest NY
P F America's Wonder American Ideal Makes You Wonder Jenna's Beach Boy NY
T F Arresting Beauty Andover Hall Proud Maggie Lindy Lane PA
P C Art Gizmo Artspeak Gadgets To Go Cam's Card Shark ON
P F Art Noir Shadow Play My Little Art Artsplace ON
P C Art's Legacy Artspeak Lislea Phia Lislea ON
P C Arty Moves Artspeak Ireneonthemove Powerful Toy ON
P F Ashlee's Sweetie Betterthancheddar Ashlee's Way Western Hanover ON
T F Audio Miss My MVP New DVD Like A Prayer ON
P F Autumn Moon^ Heston Blue Chip Lunar Phase Roddy's Bags Again PA
P F Avalon Freeze Bettor's Delight Stonebridge Frosty Shadow Play ON
P F Avid Speed Heston Blue Chip Purrfect Diva Badlands Hanover NY
P C Bak To Magic Boston Red Rocks Magic Card Veeza NY
T F Bay City Girl Met's Hall Aurora Bay Glidemaster NY
P F Beantown Babe Boston Red Rocks Logan's Girl Roddy's Bags Again NY
P F Beantown Lass Boston Red Rocks Viking Maiden Matt's Scooter NY
P C Belighted Bettor's Delight Maid West Western Hanover ON
P F Bella Babe Quik Pulse Mindale Winbak Isabella Western Hanover MD
P F Bella Rocks Boston Red Rocks Lismorebella Camluck NY
P C Best Shadow Shadow Play Kim's The Best Betterthancheddar ON
P F Best Show Shadow Play Thisthatntheother Dream Away ON
P F Besties Badlands Hanover Brad's Friend Cam's Card Shark DE
P F Bet Ona Wish Betting Line Angel Place Artsplace PA
P F Bet The Deck Betterthancheddar Revival Cards Royal Mattjesty ON
P C Better B Bold Betterthancheddar B So Lucky Artiscape ON
P F Better Not Sass Betterthancheddar Notalkingback Royal Mattjesty ON
P C Bettor Bea Terror Bettor's Delight Doctor Terror Western Terror ON
P F Blazin Babe Betterthancheddar Dune Speed Western Ideal ON
P C Blue Ashes Heston Blue Chip Ashlee's Star Western Hanover PA
P C Boardwalk Jack Downbytheseaside Restive Hanover The Panderosa OH
P C Bolt On By Bolt The Duer New Hollywood Cam's Card Shark NY
P C Bolt The Court Bolt The Duer Ashlee's Court Quik Pulse Mindale NY
P C Bolting Home Bolt The Duer Sweet Bonnie Royal Mattjesty NY
T C Bonus Credit Andover Hall Lady With Credit Credit Winner PA
P C Boom Town Boy Betterthancheddar Boom Town Girl Totally Western ON
P C Boston Bound Boston Red Rocks Ashleeswayrhighway Bettor's Delight NY
P C Boston Breeze Boston Red Rocks Southwind Jazmin Art Major NY
P F Boston Creme Boston Red Rocks American Tail American Ideal NY
P F Boston Jive Boston Red Rocks Dancing Heart Art Colony NY
P F Bourbon Babe Roll With Joe MIchelle's Ideal Western Ideal NY
P C Brady Rocks Boston Red Rocks Ideal Paper American Ideal NY
P F Brave Chic Royal Mattjesty Fit N Bad Badlands Hanover ON
P C Bravo Sir Roll With Joe Power Again Dragon Again NY
P C Brush Marks Sportswriter Paints Hall Blissfull Hall ON
T C Burning Arch Archangel Winbak Roberta Plesac ON
T C Call Me Bad Cantab Hall CR Sister Suzie Royal Troubador PA
P F Candybedandy Stay Hungry Rocknroll Wishes Rocknroll Hanover PA
T F Cardio Muscle Muscle Mass Cardio Pump Angus Hall ON
P C Cards A Flyin Classic Card Shark Free Flight Fran Veeza DE
P C Catch The Spark Artspeak Catch The Show Real Artist ON
P F Chai Latte American Ideal Dreamlands Latte Artsplace NY
T F Chaos On Deck Mutineer French Doll Donerail DE
P F Charming Vixen Sportswriter Village Jovial The Panderosa ON
P C Chesapeake Sunrise Shadow Play Enjoy The View Life Sign ON
T C City Of Hope Met's Hall Doin The City Conway Hall NY
P F Comedy Nite Bolt The Duer Funny Card Cam's Card Shark NY
P F Country House Boston Red Rocks Tug River Della Die Laughing NY
P C Crazy Boots Dream Away Siobhan Beach Towel DE
P C Crime Boss Roll With Joe Unlawful Smile Western Hanover NY
P F Cruzin The Blues Heston Blue Chip Merculese Artsplace PA
T C Crypto Currency^ International Moni Clover Market Broad Bahn PA
P F Dance With Tabby Bettor's Delight Dancingatnight Rocknroll Hanover ON
T C Dancehall King Cantab Hall Dancing Slippers Angus Hall PA
P C Dauntless Dude* Dude's The Man Azorean Sky Rocknroll Hanover NY
P F Deadly Delight Bettor's Delight She's Poison Western Ideal ON
T C Devil's Arch Archangel Bobbi Jo's Ex CR Excalibur ON
T F Diversify CR Commando Bankers Audit Wall Street Banker DE
P F Doing Marvelous Bolt The Duer Marvelous Joy Delmarvalous NY
P F Don't Test Me Sportswriter Testing Center Dragon Again ON
P C Dows Up Shadow Play So What's Up Badlands Hanover ON
P F Dreamofbettortimes Bettor's Delight Dreams Are Great Dream Away ON
P C Dudewithanattitude Heston Blue Chip More Power Rusty Western Hanover PA
P C Early Play Shadow Play Before Dawn Cambest ON
T F Easy Wind Southwind Frank Mets Life Kadabra PA
P F English Rocks Boston Red Rocks Ashlee's Spitfire Roll With Joe NY
P C Extra Rare Heston Blue Chip Rare Filly Village Connection PA
P F Face The Shadows Shadow Play Face To Face Camluck ON
T F Fair N Flair Archangel State Fair Dream Vacation ON
T C Fantastic MVP My MVP Roberta's Fantasy Andover Hall ON
P F Fashion Forward Betterthancheddar Fashion Guru Rustler Hanover ON
P C Fearless Fury^ Fear The Dragon Flirtwithedealer Cam's Card Shark OH
P F Feelin Fancy Betterthancheddar Fit N Fancy Life Sign ON
P F Fenway Filly Boston Red Rocks Real Drama Real Desire NY
P F Fifth Ave Julie Heston Blue Chip Parkavenuejulieann Bettor's Delight PA
P C Fixn And Mixn Betterthancheddar Kate's Joy Allamerican Ingot ON
P C Flash Move Heston Blue Chip Flibbertigibbet Albert Albert PA
P F Flashy Delight Bettor's Delight Best Tussle Pro Bono Best ON
P F Flippin Awesome American Ideal Flip For Love Riverboat King NY
P C Flow Writer Sportswriter Sassafras Girl Badlands Hanover ON
T F Four Lane Highway Donato Hanover Missy Lane Lindy Lane PA
P C Fout Bettor's Delight Weeper Allamerican Native ON
P F Free Verse Artspeak My Perfect Rhyme Cole Muffler ON
P F Freestarflight American Ideal Free Show Badlands Hanover NY
T F Fuzzy Dice^ International Moni Roll Sevens Chapter Seven PA
P C Gilligans Hooligan Betting Line Impact Zone American Ideal PA
P F Girl Code^ Heston Blue Chip Code In Art Major PA
T F Gold Rate CR Commando Current Yield Like A Prayer DE
P F Gottagomiss Jo Roll With Joe Gottalottago Badlands Hanover NY
T C Grand Slam Hero Met's Hall Kimco Lady Malabar Man NY
P C Granite Beach Sunshine Beach April May Dune Duneside Perch ON
T C Great Legend Archangel Great Quantity CR Commando ON
T F Great Love Cantab Hall Love Tactics Tagliabue PA
P C Grey Lines Sportswriter Black Stilletos If I Can Dream ON
P C Gritty Heston Blue Chip Drag N Sand Dragon Again PA
T F Gypsy Donna Donato Hanover Sea Gypsy Glidemaster PA
T C Hall Tab Cantab Hall Kimco Hall Andover Hall PA
P C Hank The Hunk Shadow Play Topless Hall Blissfull Hall ON
P C Happierdaysrcomin American Ideal Sunduel A Fake Left NY
P C Hawaiian Chip^ Heston Blue Chip O Narutac Kaiulani Rocknroll Hanover PA
P C He's Heaven Sent Heston Blue Chip Heavenly Sign Life Sign PA
P C Hidden Article Sportswriter Cover Up Hall Badlands Hanover ON
P C Holy Jalapeno Betterthancheddar Royal Dew Royal Mattjesty ON
P F Ideal Cover American Ideal Always Covers Bettor's Delight NY
P F Ideal Star American Ideal Feelinglikeastar Artiscape NY
P F Ignited Classic Card Shark Fire One Up Rustler Hanover DE
P C Island Attitude Shadow Play Blue Paradise Artiscape ON
T F Island Diva Devious Man Island Town Yankee Glide NY
P F I've Got Bling Roll With Joe Artist Jewels Real Artist NY
T F Ivory Rose Devious Man Ivory Pearl Muscle Hill NY
P C Jeopardy James Bolt The Duer Winbak Bet Bettor's Delight NY
P C Joe Knows Roll With Joe Necessary Element Red River Hanover NY
P F Josey's Law Heston Blue Chip Outlawed Beauty JK Outlaw PA
P C Journal Entry Sportswriter Beaches N Dreams Rocknroll Hanover ON
P C Keep Believing Heston Blue Chip What Fools Believe Western Hanover PA
P F Killer Stripes Badlands Hanover Tiger Style Life Sign DE
T F Lady All Star My MVP Lady Tini Sand Vic ON
P F Lady Bolt Bolt The Duer Lady Of Lust Armbro Mackintosh NY
T F Lady Brass CR Commando Savannah Montana Malabar Man DE
P F Latina Rose Royal Mattjesty Latin Liftoff Shotgun Scott ON
T F Leapsnbounds Bar Hopping Travelin Supergirl Kadabra PA
P F Left Turn Liz^ Heston Blue Chip Jenna's Delight Bettor's Delight PA
P C Liberty Royal Royal Mattjesty Kimberly's Baby Vintage Master ON
P F Light N Fancy Bettor's Delight Sportsfancy Sportsmaster ON
T F Lottie's Gold Credit Winner Herculotte Hanover Andover Hall NY
T C Mac Donny Donato Hanover Mackenzie Hall Cantab Hall PA
P F Madison Queen Heston Blue Chip Better Speed Betterthancheddar PA
P C Magic Chip Heston Blue Chip Kim's Majesty Royal Mattjesty PA
P F Mama Donna Artiscape Donna's Girl Village Jove NY
T F Mamatoldme^ Andover Hall Dont Tell My Girl Mutineer PA
P F Margarita Time Heston Blue Chip Margarita Monday Ponder PA
T F Mass Envy Muscle Mass Lady Love Hanover Cantab Hall ON
P C Massive Love He's Watching Dreamfair Infinity Camluck ON
T C Master Flow Glidemaster First Tier Dream Vacation DE
P F Mending Fences Artspeak Bridge To Tomorrow Bettor's Delight ON
P C Merry Jerry American Ideal Toy Delight Bettor's Delight NY
T F Met Gala Chapter Seven Met's Rival Pine Chip NY
T F Metro Matty Met's Hall Order By Matilda Tom Ridge NY
T F Mets Girl Met's Hall Back On Track Donerail NY
P F Mezzo Soprano Heston Blue Chip Keystone Musical No Nukes PA
T F Million Dollar Luv International Moni Tracy My Love Dream Vacation PA
P C Mirrorball Artspeak Happy Kim Camluck ON
P F Miss Dew Write Sportswriter She's A Dewar Western Ideal ON
P F Modern Day^ Heston Blue Chip Misty Speed Matt's Scooter PA
T F Money Treasure^ International Moni Autumn Treasure Kadabra PA
P C Mr Gallie Bettor's Delight Hallie Gallie Village Jolt ON
P C Mr William Artspeak Wilma Hall Blissfull Hall ON
P F Ms Liz C Betterthancheddar Elizabeth Spencer Western Ideal ON
T C MVP Hit My MVP Summer Hit Giant Hit ON
T F MVP Princess My MVP Mustalgia Muscles Yankee ON
T F My Grand My MVP Summersgrandlady Conway Hall ON
T C National Flash International Moni Smokin Ash Angus Hall PA
T C Newly Knighted Donato Hanover New Royalty Giant Hit PA
T F Nice Top Line Met's Hall Triple Bottom Line CR Commando NY
T C Night Star Met's Hall Celestial Angel Archangel NY
P C Night Terror Badlands Hanover Wild Dream Dream Away DE
T F Noels Magic Archangel Apple Magic Kadabra ON
T C Offshore Account International Moni Met's Inn Mutineer PA
T F Over Yonder My MVP Blue Yonder Tagliabue ON
T C Overnight Haul Cantab Hall Overnight Command CR Commando PA
P F Paddy Melt Betterthancheddar Hope For Paddy Mach Three ON
P C Park Guide Badlands Hanover Holiday Guide Village Jove DE
P C Park Street Blues Heston Blue Chip Treasure Valley Roddy's Bags Again PA
T C Pass The Grits^ International Moni Georgia Baby Mutineer PA
T F Passport Moni International Moni Northern Hope Angus Hall PA
P F Patient Lass Well Said Patience Blue Chip Rock N Roll Heaven OH
P C Pebble Beach Bro Betterthancheddar Where's My Pebble Ponder ON
P C Pepper Jack Flash Betterthancheddar Mery Linny Lee Riverboat King ON
P F Perfect Blossom American Ideal Hearts N Flowers Artiscape NY
P C Perfect Jack American Ideal Ladyjack Cam's Card Shark NY
P C Perfect Pour Roll With Joe Village Journal Western Hanover NY
P F PH Jodie Roll With Joe PH Diagnosis American Ideal NY
P F Philly Speaks Heston Blue Chip Sass Newton Storm Compensation PA
T F Poised To Win Andover Hall Pinkcowgirlboots Glidemaster PA
P C Pool Party Marty Badlands Hanover Maranatha Hanover No Pan Intended DE
T C Power Class Cantab Hall Day At The Spa Andover Hall PA
T C Prince Archie Archangel Belle Of The Ball Muscles Yankee ON
P C Prince Shadow Shadow Play Fast Princess Artiscape ON
P F Princess Arona Bolt The Duer All Italian Allamerican Ingot NY
P F Prissy Chrissy Roll With Joe Princess Christine American Ideal NY
T F Rainbows Legacy Resolve Rainbow View Angus Hall ON
P C Rebal Alliance Boston Red Rocks Art Alliance Artiscape NY
P F Recycle Betterthancheddar Cell Power Western Hanover ON
P F Red Beauty Rocks Boston Red Rocks Linden Beauty Armbro Mackintosh NY
P C Red Coin Bettor's Delight Unred Hanover Western Ideal ON
P C Red Planet Boston Red Rocks Planet Ocean Cam's Card Shark NY
T C Resolve To Win Resolve Sensual Hall Garland Lobell ON
P F Rock My Socks Boston Red Rocks Kattimon Astreos NY
P F Rock On Tina Boston Red Rocks Tina's Bliss Blissfull Hall NY
P C Rocking The Crown Royal Mattjesty Rock N Love Rock N Roll Heaven ON
P F Rockn Red Delight Boston Red Rocks KG Delight Northern Luck NY
P C Rod's Beach Roddy's Bags Again I Love The Beach Shotgun Scott DE
P F Roll The Music Roll With Joe Puccini Blue Chip Magical Mike NY
P F Rollin With Pride Roll With Joe Ashley's Pride The Panderosa NY
P F Rolling Bayou Bettor's Delight Benazire Blue Chip Art Major ON
T C Roman Gallery Muscle Mass J Marie Angus Hall ON
P C Royal Assent Royal Mattjesty Win D Won Three Wizzards ON
P F Ruby's Wish Boston Red Rocks Mako Wish Cam's Card Shark NY
P F Ruffled Lily Huntsville Lillywhites Artiscape NY
P F Rustler Away Dream Away Rideau Rustler Rustler Hanover DE
P F Sand In The Hand American Ideal Sun N Sand Astreos NY
P F Saucy Dancer Heston Blue Chip JK Cabaret Bettor's Delight PA
P F Seaside Baby Downbytheseaside Thong Western Hanover OH
P F Secret Search Badlands Hanover Search The Future Falcons Future DE
T C Seven Kings Chapter Seven Commando Queen CR Commando NY
P F Shadow River Shadow Play Fresh Outlook Cam's Card Shark ON
T F Shady Girl Cantab Hall Not A Diva Muscles Yankee PA
P C Shady Play Shadow Play Pleasant Roll Roll With Joe ON
T F Shift Change Conway Hall Overnight Rail Donerail NY
P C Shipsaway Dream Away Silk Slip Badlands Hanover DE
P C Silencethewitness Artspeak The Assassinator Richess Hanover ON
P F Silky Stride American Ideal Silk Pajamas Bettor's Delight NY
T C Sip Of Sin Archangel Hall Of Wishes Broadway Hall ON
P C Sir Bubbles^ Heston Blue Chip Lady Bubbles Sportswriter PA
T F Six Figure Queen Conway Hall Revenue Shares Revenue S NY
P C Slick N Quick Sportswriter Who Moved The Rock Life Sign ON
P C Solar Bolt Bolt The Duer Beach Bonnet Camluck NY
T C Some Kinda Night^ Trixton Some Kinda Special Cantab Hall NJ
T C Spare Change Archangel Spare Me Please Muscles Yankee ON
P F Spark Of Love Well Said Spark Out Badlands Nitro OH
P C Speak Of War Artspeak Warrawee Templar Shadow Play ON
P C Speaker Of Peace Artspeak I'm All In Cam's Card Shark ON
P C Speedfest Heston Blue Chip Lo Gophobia Presidential Ball PA
P F Sporty Miss B Sportswriter Bandolera Hanover Western Hanover ON
P C Spot On Joe Roll With Joe Ms Harrington Camluck NY
T C Squared Away^ Cantab Hall K Squared Hanover Muscle Mass PA
T C Stellar Wind Chapter Seven Bailey's Breeze Angus Hall NY
P C Step N Pep American Ideal Sister Pippa Sportsmaster NY
P C Stock Ticker Heston Blue Chip Kutekatie Real Artist PA
P C Street Art Artspeak Bagaholic Dragon Again ON
T C Strong Knight Muscle Mass Maiden Knight Conway Hall ON
T C Strong Opponent Tactical Landing Eight Bells Conway Hall NJ
P F Sunny Pasadena Heston Blue Chip Western City Western Hanover PA
P F Sunshine Chip Heston Blue Chip Balasun The Panderosa PA
T F Sweetest Chapter Chapter Seven Jj's Jordyn Angus Hall NY
P C Swift Operator Stay Hungry Swift N Shout Rocknroll Hanover PA
T F Swipe The Stripe Credit Winner Winbak Half CR Excalibur NY
P C Take It Home Artspeak Bad Sister Badlands Hanover ON
P C Talkaboutagift Artspeak Elegant Gift Shadow Play ON
P F Tame The Dragon Fear The Dragon Michelle's Prayer Red River Hanover OH
P C Tennessee Strong Heston Blue Chip Ashlee's Quik Quik Pulse Mindale PA
P C Text Writer Heston Blue Chip Open Book Test Real Desire PA
P F Throne Of Honor Betterthancheddar Red Carpet Queen Western Hanover ON
P F Ticket To Love Heston Blue Chip Free Admission Powerful Toy PA
P C Tooty Fruity Roll With Joe Wild Retreat Allamerican Ingot NY
P C Top Bunk Artspeak Bunkhouse Babe Royal Mattjesty ON
P F Total Control Jo Roll With Joe Amazing Control Shadow Play NY
P C Trouble's A Brewin Betterthancheddar Respectednbeloved Dream Away ON
T C Tuscan Prince Kadabra Tosca Muscle Mass ON
P C Twice Played Shadow Play Two Sides Of Love Sportswriter ON
P F Twin Delight Bettor's Delight Twin B Cheeks Sportswriter ON
P F Twist My Tail American Ideal Shark Tail Cam's Card Shark NY
T F Twisted Promise Chapter Seven Twist Of Faith Sand Vic NY
P C Untucked American Ideal NF Salsa Blissfull Hall NY
P F Valley Of Fear Fear The Dragon She's A Pansation No Pan Intended OH
P C Vandalism Betting Line Freedom Crossing Artiscape PA
P F Vivans Dream American Ideal Sports Chic Sportswriter NY
P F Vivie's Art Shadow Play Arts Bid Artsplace ON
T F Vodka N Roses My MVP Lucerne De Vie Angus Hall ON
P F Wags To Riches Betting Line Twin B Thong Sportswriter PA
P C Wall Street Bell Shadow Play Bell Bottom Pans Noble Ability ON
P C Waves N Raves Downbytheseaside Racing Star Four Starzzz Shark OH
P F Waves Of Beauty American Ideal Timeless Beauty Dragon Again NY
P F Western Flames Betterthancheddar Western Cat Western Hanover ON
P C Whattsa Matta Badlands Hanover St Mattricks Way Matt's Scooter DE
P C Willin Warrior Artspeak Bunker Away Dream Away ON
P C Winmebak Shadow Play Winbak Speedi Riverboat King ON
P F Winning Huntress Huntsville Pleasant Yet Bad Badlands Hanover NY
T F Winning Paige Credit Winner Ms Paige Andover Hall NY
P F Wishing Rock Boston Red Rocks Writer's Wish Sportswriter NY
P F Write The Rules Sportswriter Big Bottom The Panderosa ON
P C Xtra Cheese Betterthancheddar Funny Three Mach Three ON
T C Yank My Halo Archangel Sugarcane Yankee Windsong's Legacy ON
P C Youaremyrock Boston Red Rocks Ruffle's Kiss Blissfull Hall NY
P F Zizi Bettor's Delight Lola Palooza Western Hanover ON