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Sept. 8th
Sept. 13th

Oct. 1st-5th
Oct. 19th-20th

Harrisburg Mixed
Nov. 4th-6th
Nov. 7th-8th
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2019 Earnings
(as of 6/19/19)
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Be sure to check out our lineup to take advantage of opportunities in slot-enriched states.

Our yearlings are eligible in Delaware, Indiana, New York, Ohio, Ontario and Pennsylvania.


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Yearling videos will be posted closer to individual sale dates.
SaleHipGaitSexYearlingSireDamSire of Dam State
11/4-11/6 HARRISBURG SELECT PCNo Filter+SportswriterAcey DeuceyCam's Card Shark ON

PFFive Card Trick+Classic Card SharkWild RetreatAllamerican Ingot ON

10/19-10/20 LONDON TCCrimson Glide+GlidemasterFuchsia SeelsterCheyenne Spur ON

TCDisc Master+GlidemasterNew DVDLike A Prayer ON

11/4-11/6 HARRISBURG SELECT TCMaster Grand+Muscle MassSummersgrandladyConway Hall ON

10/19-10/20 LONDON PCPep In My Step+SportswriterGottalottagoBadlands Hanover ON

10/1-10/5 LEXINGTON PCMagnum Moon+Shadow PlayUnred HanoverWestern Ideal ON

10/19-10/20 LONDON PCKing N Duke+Shadow PlayPuccini Blue ChipMagical Mike ON

10/19-10/20 LONDON TFFan Club+GlidemasterHis MistressMutineer ON

11/4-11/6 HARRISBURG SELECT TFAngels Leadinglady*ArchangelShow CatcherBroadway Hall ON

10/1-10/5 LEXINGTON PCDesperate Man+Shadow PlayDreamlands LatteArtsplace ON

10/1-10/5 LEXINGTON PFLady WriterSportswriterLady JenRoyal Mattjesty ON

10/19-10/20 LONDON PCNo Better Joy+BetterthancheddarKate's JoyAllamerican Ingot ON

10/1-10/5 LEXINGTON PCLevi At Play+Shadow PlayWiggle HanoverLife Sign ON

PCRicottabkiddinme+BetterthancheddarFreedom AwayDream Away ON

10/1-10/5 LEXINGTON PFBet On Becky+Bettor's DelightWestern CityWestern Hanover ON

10/19-10/20 LONDON PCCombatant+Royal MattjestyBunker To BunkerWestern Hanover ON

TFGirls With Swirls+Angus HallCandid ManerDonerail ON

10/19-10/20 LONDON TCHey Mic+Angus HallSeaside EffectDream Vacation ON

10/19-10/20 LONDON PFJackieofalltrades+BetterthancheddarBoogie Woogie LandBadlands Hanover ON

PFFiftyshadesofbliss+Shadow PlayBlissful MaddieBlissfull Hall ON

10/19-10/20 LONDON PFGame Of Shadows+Shadow PlayCheyenne AvaCamluck ON

10/1-10/5 LEXINGTON PFLets Roar+Shadow PlayTiger StyleLife Sign ON

10/19-10/20 LONDON PCButter Up+BetterthancheddarBlue RaeBrowning Blue Chip ON

PFCards Of Fools+Classic Card SharkWhat Fools BelieveWestern Hanover ON

10/1-10/5 LEXINGTON TCSplash Of Halo+ArchangelLove To FlauntAngus Hall ON

10/1-10/5 LEXINGTON PFPostscript+SportswriterClandestineWestern Hanover ON

10/19-10/20 LONDON PFHappy Royal+Royal MattjestyJoy Luck HallCambest ON

10/1-10/5 LEXINGTON PCOn PointSportswriterBullet PointMcArdle ON

10/19-10/20 LONDON PFMagic Dreams+Royal MattjestyWild DreamDream Away ON

11/4-11/6 HARRISBURG SELECT PCEditorial+SportswriterAshlee's WayWestern Hanover ON

11/4-11/6 HARRISBURG SELECT PFBet Light+Bettor's DelightWinbak WiggleWell Said ON

10/1-10/5 LEXINGTON PFBare Bottom Girl+SportswriterThongWestern Hanover ON

PCBe My Shadow+Shadow PlayClearly FoxyRoyal Mattjesty ON

11/4-11/6 HARRISBURG SELECT PCBeach Blogger+SportswriterI Love The BeachShotgun Scott ON

10/19-10/20 LONDON PCShadow Warrior+Shadow PlaySassafras GirlBadlands Hanover ON

11/4-11/6 HARRISBURG SELECT TCRoyal Robber+ArchangelPrincess RobynConway Hall ON

10/19-10/20 LONDON TCRookie Season+GlidemasterGeorgia BabyMutineer ON

10/19-10/20 LONDON PFCold Freeze+SportswriterFreezer CashCam's Card Shark ON

10/19-10/20 LONDON TFFuzzy Angel+ArchangelEnergy DrinkMalabar Man ON

10/1-10/5 LEXINGTON PFCut The Line+BetterthancheddarLove That CutPresidential Ball ON

10/1-10/5 LEXINGTON PCWatch Me Erupt+Bettor's DelightO Narutac KaiulaniRocknroll Hanover ON

TFAngelic Miss+ArchangelGaelic MistressStriking Sahbra ON

10/19-10/20 LONDON TCArch Hall+ArchangelMon Amour HallStriking Sahbra ON

10/1-10/5 LEXINGTON TCPower N Strength+ArchangelCardio PumpAngus Hall ON

10/19-10/20 LONDON TFRoe+GlidemasterMaggie's LegacyWindsong's Legacy ON

11/4-11/6 HARRISBURG SELECT PCBet On Jack+Shadow PlayBet On SisBettor's Delight ON

11/4-11/6 HARRISBURG SELECT PFBet On Joy+Bettor's DelightJenna's JoyJenna's Beach Boy ON

TCBlack Tuxx+GlidemasterTracy My LoveDream Vacation ON

10/1-10/5 LEXINGTON PFCheekie BabeBettor's DelightTwin B CheeksSportswriter ON

10/19-10/20 LONDON PCLord Royal+Royal MattjestyPH DiagnosisAmerican Ideal ON

10/1-10/5 LEXINGTON PCLife In Color+Shadow PlayHypnotizeArtiscape ON

10/19-10/20 LONDON TFFrench Glide+GlidemasterFrench DollDonerail ON

10/19-10/20 LONDON TFHeavenly Lady+ArchangelLady LionelDonerail ON

10/1-10/5 LEXINGTON TFCha Cha Cha+ArchangelCabaret HallGarland Lobell ON

10/1-10/5 LEXINGTON PCSpirit Of A Storm+Shadow PlayImthebig StarArt Major ON

10/1-10/5 LEXINGTON TFStella's Grove+KadabraMia StellinaCR Commando ON

11/4-11/6 HARRISBURG SELECT TCYum+KadabraMom's Apple PieStriking Sahbra ON

10/1-10/5 LEXINGTON PFBet The Tide+Bettor's DelightSun N SandAstreos ON

10/1-10/5 LEXINGTON PCSporty Deal+SportswriterMichelle's IdealWestern Ideal ON

10/1-10/5 LEXINGTON TFSoup's On+ArchangelSmokin AshAngus Hall ON

10/1-10/5 LEXINGTON TCDay At The Gym+Muscle MassDay At The SpaAndover Hall ON

PFIrish Daydream+Vintage MasterIrish DayArtiscape ON

10/19-10/20 LONDON PFLast Flag Flying+Vintage MasterModern CinderellaModern Art ON

11/4-11/6 HARRISBURG SELECT TCDouble Muscle+Muscle MassGoing GlobalKadabra ON

10/19-10/20 LONDON PCAll Cheddar+BetterthancheddarAll The LadiesShadow Play ON

10/19-10/20 LONDON PCSports Star Writer+SportswriterAmerican TailAmerican Ideal ON

10/19-10/20 LONDON PFBling Bling+Shadow PlayArtist JewelsReal Artist ON

TFJulieann B+Angus HallQueen JuliaSand Vic ON

11/4-11/6 HARRISBURG SELECT PFBeach Moment+Control The MomentBeach BrettaBeach Towel ON

10/19-10/20 LONDON PCGet It Started+BetterthancheddarFire One UpRustler Hanover ON

10/19-10/20 LONDON TFGolden Twist+Angus HallTwist Of FaithSand Vic ON

11/4-11/6 HARRISBURG SELECT PFShockvalue*Shadow PlayShocking BeautyArt Major ON

10/19-10/20 LONDON PCAll Powered Up+Classic Card SharkCell PowerWestern Hanover ON

10/1-10/5 LEXINGTON PCWest Coast Kid+BetterthancheddarMaid WestWestern Hanover ON

10/1-10/5 LEXINGTON PCSpace CowboyBetterthancheddarDancingatnightRocknroll Hanover ON

10/19-10/20 LONDON PCSharp Play+BetterthancheddarSnappy PlayShadow Play ON

11/4-11/6 HARRISBURG SELECT TFDontpassjudgement+Angus HallOvernight CommandCR Commando ON

10/1-10/5 LEXINGTON PCFlash Tothe Finish+Control The MomentShake It For MeArt Major ON

10/19-10/20 LONDON PCVino Louie+SportswriterWilma HallBlissfull Hall ON

10/1-10/5 LEXINGTON PFPhilly Freedom+SportswriterFreedom CrossingArtiscape ON

PCRising Sea+Royal MattjestyPrincess CallieWestern Hanover ON

10/1-10/5 LEXINGTON PCTake A GambleBettor's DelightBad SisterBadlands Hanover ON

11/4-11/6 HARRISBURG SELECT PFCity By The Bay+Bettor's DelightBay GirlRoyal Mattjesty ON

10/1-10/5 LEXINGTON PFShes Got It All+Bettor's DelightRegally ReadyRoyal Mattjesty ON

10/19-10/20 LONDON PCShades Of Silver+Shadow PlaySilver DialingHi Ho Silverheel's ON

10/19-10/20 LONDON PCSea Of Storms+Classic Card SharkRomancing The SeaBeach Towel ON

10/19-10/20 LONDON PCRoyal Double+Royal MattjestyDouble IdealWestern Ideal ON

10/19-10/20 LONDON PCLate Night Dealer+Classic Card SharkElla MaeArtsplace ON

11/4-11/6 HARRISBURG SELECT TCRowdy Regal+Royalty For LifeNorthern HopeAngus Hall ON

10/19-10/20 LONDON PFKim's Wish+Sunshine BeachRegal WishCam's Card Shark ON

10/1-10/5 LEXINGTON TFThat's My Jam+KadabraFitness GirlMuscles Yankee ON

10/19-10/20 LONDON PCTwos Are Wild+Classic Card SharkLuck Runns OverBadlands Hanover ON

10/19-10/20 LONDON PFFit To Rule+Royal MattjestyFit N FancyLife Sign ON

10/1-10/5 LEXINGTON PCDean's Dream+Shadow PlayDream Of MimiDream Away ON

11/4-11/6 HARRISBURG SELECT PFFull Bloom River+SportswriterTug River DellaDie Laughing ON

10/1-10/5 LEXINGTON PCMr Charisma+BetterthancheddarVillage JovialThe Panderosa ON

10/1-10/5 LEXINGTON PFJustalittlebetter+BetterthancheddarMy Little ArtArtsplace ON

10/19-10/20 LONDON PFBack In Time+Vintage MasterBunkhouse PlayShadow Play ON

10/19-10/20 LONDON PCBad Master+Vintage MasterFit N BadBadlands Hanover ON

10/19-10/20 LONDON PCBet On BlakeBetterthancheddarLady LynnlyShadow Play ON

10/1-10/5 LEXINGTON PCBet On LarryBettor's DelightLola PaloozaWestern Hanover ON

10/1-10/5 LEXINGTON TFBlackout Riley+Muscle MassCommando QueenCR Commando ON

10/19-10/20 LONDON TCBlogmaster+GlidemasterJj's JordynAngus Hall ON

10/1-10/5 LEXINGTON PCHappy Enough+Bettor's DelightNot EnoughGrinfromeartoear ON

10/19-10/20 LONDON PFBetchuloveme+BetterthancheddarWinbak IsabellaWestern Hanover ON

11/4-11/6 HARRISBURG SELECT PCAdmit One+Bettor's DelightFree AdmissionPowerful Toy ON

10/19-10/20 LONDON TCJordan's Glide+GlidemasterLuscious LindyS J's Photo ON

11/4-11/6 HARRISBURG SELECT TCGlass NickelArchangelLife ClassAngus Hall ON

10/1-10/5 LEXINGTON PCDial Him Up+Shadow PlaySmart DialingAbercrombie ON

10/1-10/5 LEXINGTON PFVirtual Success+BetterthancheddarStreisands PlaceArtsplace ON

PFA Better Game+BetterthancheddarShe's GameThe Panderosa ON

11/4-11/6 HARRISBURG SELECT PFAction's Delight+Bettor's DelightEnchanted BeautyWestern Ideal ON

10/19-10/20 LONDON TCGroom's Halo+ArchangelPuta Ring On ItAngus Hall ON

10/1-10/5 LEXINGTON PFDiamonds Or Twine+BetterthancheddarMerculeseArtsplace ON

11/4-11/6 HARRISBURG SELECT PFAshlee's Delight+Bettor's DelightAshley's PrideThe Panderosa ON

10/1-10/5 LEXINGTON TCMuscle Jack+Muscle MassJ MarieAngus Hall ON

10/19-10/20 LONDON TFGlide For The Win+GlidemasterMarie E HanoverSierra Kosmos ON

PFLady In Lace+Shadow PlayPrincess LaceArtsplace ON

PCLoyal Will+BetterthancheddarRespectednbelovedDream Away ON

10/19-10/20 LONDON PFMs Patricia Bea+BetterthancheddarMs HarringtonCamluck ON

+Stored Stem Cells Available

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Sale Dates

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Goshen: 9/8


Ohio Jug: 9/13


Lexington: 10/1-10/5


London: 10/19-10/20


Harrisburg: 11/4-11/6


Har. Mix: 11/7-11/8


Stay tuned for additional sale dates.

Mixed Sale Lineups will be posted soon.