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Sept. 14th
Sept. 18th

Sept. 25th-26th
Oct. 6th-10th

Oct. 17th
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Nov. 6th-7th
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Our yearlings are eligible in Delaware, Indiana, Maryland, New York, Ohio, Ontario and Pennsylvania.


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Yearling videos will be posted closer to individual sale dates.
SaleHipGaitSexYearlingSireDamSire of Dam State
10/6-10/10 LEXINGTON PFRoyal TearsBetting LineWeeperAllamerican Native PA

11/3-11/5 HARRISBURG SELECT PFGiggles N WigglesSweet LouWinbak WiggleWell Said PA

10/6-10/10 LEXINGTON PFIdealinfunWestern IdealFunny CardCam's Card Shark PA

10/6-10/10 LEXINGTON PFBet She Can FlyBetting LineTidewaterdragonflyDragon Again PA

11/3-11/5 HARRISBURG SELECT PCPJ LouSweet LouSilk PajamasBettor's Delight PA

9/25-9/26 ONGAIT WTFNoneedfordvdsAndover HallNew DVDLike A Prayer PA

10/6-10/10 LEXINGTON PCMcdreamerBetting LineDreams Are GreatDream Away PA

10/6-10/10 LEXINGTON PCWish For VodkaAlways B MikiRegal WishCam's Card Shark PA

10/6-10/10 LEXINGTON PCWar Of Will^CaptaintreacherousWishfor RocknrollRocknroll Hanover PA

11/3-11/5 HARRISBURG SELECT PCDarwin+Always B MikiBelle BoydArt Major PA

10/6-10/10 LEXINGTON PFSweet GadgetsSweet LouGadgets To GoCam's Card Shark PA

11/3-11/5 HARRISBURG SELECT TCCussin N Fussin^Explosive MatterTantalizing DonnaDonerail PA

10/6-10/10 LEXINGTON PCBring The BlingSweet LouHallie GallieVillage Jolt PA

10/6-10/10 LEXINGTON TFFit FanaticCantab HallFitness GirlMuscles Yankee PA

10/6-10/10 LEXINGTON TFDonna's DanceDonato HanoverU Wanna LindyS J's Photo PA

9/14 GOSHEN TFSlightly ToastedAndover HallLuscious LindyS J's Photo PA

10/6-10/10 LEXINGTON PFRumored+Sweet LouMajor CrushArt Major PA

11/3-11/5 HARRISBURG SELECT TCRoyal LeafCantab HallNew RoyaltyGiant Hit PA

10/6-10/10 LEXINGTON PCKeepin FitA Rocknroll DanceKutekatieReal Artist PA

9/25-9/26 ONGAIT WPCRockaway BayA Rocknroll DanceSt Mattricks WayMatt's Scooter PA

10/6-10/10 LEXINGTON TCHall Of DutyCantab HallStarlit EyesCR Commando PA

9/14 GOSHEN TCIgnite N DelightExplosive MatterLucerne De VieAngus Hall PA

10/6-10/10 LEXINGTON TCInn At RodantheCantab HallMet's InnMutineer PA

10/6-10/10 LEXINGTON TFHopes N WishesBar HoppingHall Of WishesBroadway Hall PA

11/3-11/5 HARRISBURG SELECT PFFifth FavA Rocknroll DanceRacing StarFour Starzzz Shark PA

11/3-11/5 HARRISBURG SELECT PCRocknroll NationA Rocknroll DanceState Of JoyBadlands Hanover PA

10/6-10/10 LEXINGTON PCRidin RoadsWestern IdealMarietta HallCambest PA

11/3-11/5 HARRISBURG SELECT TFShe's Got ClassAndover HallClasicaly DesignedLindy Lane PA

10/6-10/10 LEXINGTON TCBar Back BuddyBar HoppingKimco HallAndover Hall PA

11/3-11/5 HARRISBURG SELECT PFSilent CrossingCaptaintreacherousFreedom CrossingArtiscape PA

11/3-11/5 HARRISBURG SELECT TFSweet TomatoDonato HanoverCabaret HallGarland Lobell PA

9/25-9/26 ONGAIT WTCExeslivein TexasExplosive MatterBobbi Jo's ExCR Excalibur PA

10/6-10/10 LEXINGTON PFEmpowerment^Betting LineLogan's GirlRoddy's Bags Again PA

10/6-10/10 LEXINGTON PCWorld For TwoA Rocknroll DanceFit N FancyLife Sign PA

11/3-11/5 HARRISBURG SELECT TCSweet Tater PieAndover HallMom's Sweetie PieDonerail PA

9/25-9/26 ONGAIT WTFSummer BlingAndover HallSummer HitGiant Hit PA

11/3-11/5 HARRISBURG SELECT TFGirl From QueensCantab HallMets LifeKadabra PA

9/25-9/26 ONGAIT WPFNancy's DancingA Rocknroll DanceBunkhouse PlayShadow Play PA

10/6-10/10 LEXINGTON PFBetting HannahBetting LineUnred HanoverWestern Ideal PA

10/6-10/10 LEXINGTON PFBlazing SpiritSweet LouVillage MadonnaRocknroll Hanover PA

9/14 GOSHEN TFBluejeansnbootsAndover HallPinkcowgirlbootsGlidemaster PA

10/6-10/10 LEXINGTON PFAlways BeachyAlways B MikiMy Little BeachSomebeachsomewhere PA

10/6-10/10 LEXINGTON PFRainbow Queen^Sweet LouRed Carpet QueenWestern Hanover PA

10/6-10/10 LEXINGTON TFI'm Da Bomb^Explosive MatterSupreme DishMalabar Man PA

10/6-10/10 LEXINGTON PFJazzed^Betting LineSportsfancySportsmaster PA

10/6-10/10 LEXINGTON TCBronte's Hero^Explosive MatterBronteaseBalanced Image PA

9/14 GOSHEN TFFashion NewsDonato HanoverFashion TangoTom Ridge PA

9/14 GOSHEN TFMatter Of TrustExplosive MatterKristen YMalabar Man PA

10/6-10/10 LEXINGTON TCPour Mea DoubleBar HoppingMs KristinDonerail PA

10/6-10/10 LEXINGTON PCBet A Bundle^Betting LineAmazing ControlShadow Play PA

9/25-9/26 ONGAIT WTFExplosive LizExplosive MatterVideo QueenClassic Photo PA

10/6-10/10 LEXINGTON TFYoung MichelleCantab HallMiss Michelle HKing Conch PA

10/6-10/10 LEXINGTON PCBoogie ShoesWestern IdealBoogie Woogie FluArmbro Mackintosh PA

11/3-11/5 HARRISBURG SELECT PFHeadliningA Rocknroll DanceHeavenly SignLife Sign PA

10/6-10/10 LEXINGTON TFTurn The Tab^Cantab HallNew LeafMuscles Yankee PA

9/14 GOSHEN TCTune Up DayDonato HanoverStarter UpMuscles Yankee PA

10/6-10/10 LEXINGTON TFRuffle My TrufflesExplosive MatterTrufflesChocolatier PA

^Dual-eligible to Pennsylvania & Kentucky

+No Stored Stem Cells Available

*Agent Horse


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