Winbak Farm Yearlings

Born To Compete And Raised To Win

Be sure to check out our lineup to take advantage of opportunities in slot-enriched states.

Our yearlings are eligible in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Ontario and Pennsylvania. In addition, many yearlings are eligible to the Maryland Standardbred Race Fund. A selection of yearlings are dual-eligible to and they are marked with ^ below.

The 2021 Yearling Roster is displayed below. Please click on a yearling’s name for more information.

Yearling videos will be posted closer to individual sale dates. Click on a sale name to see Winbak Farm’s full roster for that sale.

Sale Hip Gait Sex Yearling Sire Dam Sire of Dam State
9/24-9/25 ONGAIT W4 P F Saucy Dancer Heston Blue Chip JK Cabaret Bettor's Delight PA
9/13 GOSHEN 5 P F Cruzin The Blues - OUT Heston Blue Chip Merculese Artsplace PA
9/24-9/25 ONGAIT W5 P F Avid Speed Heston Blue Chip Purrfect Diva Badlands Hanover PA
9/24-9/25 ONGAIT W6 T F Million Dollar Luv International Moni Tracy My Love Dream Vacation PA
9/24-9/25 ONGAIT W7 P C Park Street Blues Heston Blue Chip Treasure Valley Roddy's Bags Again PA
9/13 GOSHEN 9 P C Dudewithanattitude - OUT Heston Blue Chip More Power Rusty Western Hanover PA
9/13 GOSHEN 23 T F Poised To Win Andover Hall Pinkcowgirlboots Glidemaster PA
9/13 GOSHEN 27 T F Arresting Beauty Andover Hall Proud Maggie Lindy Lane PA
9/13 GOSHEN 28 P C Extra Rare# Heston Blue Chip Rare Filly Village Connection PA
9/13 GOSHEN 55 P C Keep Believing Heston Blue Chip What Fools Believe Western Hanover PA
9/13 GOSHEN 75 P F Sunshine Chip Heston Blue Chip Balasun The Panderosa PA
9/13 GOSHEN 77 P F Madison Queen# Heston Blue Chip Better Speed Betterthancheddar PA
9/13 GOSHEN 93 P C Gritty Heston Blue Chip Drag N Sand Dragon Again PA
9/13 GOSHEN 109 P C He's Heaven Sent# Heston Blue Chip Heavenly Sign Life Sign PA
9/13 GOSHEN 116 P F Mezzo Soprano Heston Blue Chip Keystone Musical No Nukes PA
9/13 GOSHEN 118 P C Magic Chip Heston Blue Chip Kim's Majesty Royal Mattjesty PA
9/13 GOSHEN 126 P C Speedfest Heston Blue Chip Lo Gophobia Presidential Ball PA
10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 202 T C Power Class Cantab Hall Day At The Spa Andover Hall PA
10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 224 P F Candybedandy Stay Hungry Rocknroll Wishes Rocknroll Hanover PA
10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 250 T C Offshore Account International Moni Met's Inn Mutineer PA
10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 272 P C Swift Operator^ Stay Hungry Swift N Shout Rocknroll Hanover PA
10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 275 T F Easy Wind Southwind Frank Mets Life Kadabra PA
10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 334 T F Leapsnbounds^ Bar Hopping Travelin Supergirl Kadabra PA
11/8-11/10 HARRISBURG 346 P F Margarita Time Heston Blue Chip Margarita Monday Ponder PA
10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 354 T F Money Treasure^ International Moni Autumn Treasure Kadabra PA
10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 387 T F Fuzzy Dice^ International Moni Roll Sevens Chapter Seven PA
10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 393 T C Hall Tab Cantab Hall Kimco Hall Andover Hall PA
10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 394 P C Gilligans Hooligan Betting Line Impact Zone American Ideal PA
10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 398 T C Dancehall King Cantab Hall Dancing Slippers Angus Hall PA
10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 476 T F Great Love Cantab Hall Love Tactics Tagliabue PA
10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 478 P F Wags To Riches Betting Line Twin B Thong Sportswriter PA
10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 493 T C Squared Away^ Cantab Hall K Squared Hanover Muscle Mass PA
11/8-11/10 HARRISBURG 538 P C Blue Ashes Heston Blue Chip Ashlee's Star Western Hanover PA
10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 581 P C Tennessee Strong Heston Blue Chip Ashlee's Quik Quik Pulse Mindale PA
11/8-11/10 HARRISBURG 581 T C Crypto Currency^ International Moni Clover Market Broad Bahn PA
11/8-11/10 HARRISBURG 582 P F Girl Code^ Heston Blue Chip Code In Art Major PA
11/8-11/10 HARRISBURG 591 T C Call Me Bad Cantab Hall CR Sister Suzie Royal Troubador PA
11/8-11/10 HARRISBURG 604 T F Mamatoldme^ Andover Hall Dont Tell My Girl Mutineer PA
10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 610 P F Sunny Pasadena Heston Blue Chip Western City Western Hanover PA
11/8-11/10 HARRISBURG 626 P C Flash Move Heston Blue Chip Flibbertigibbet Albert Albert PA
11/8-11/10 HARRISBURG 628 P F Ticket To Love Heston Blue Chip Free Admission Powerful Toy PA
11/8-11/10 HARRISBURG 633 T C Pass The Grits^ International Moni Georgia Baby Mutineer PA
10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 660 T C Overnight Haul Cantab Hall Overnight Command CR Commando PA
11/8-11/10 HARRISBURG 683 P C Stock Ticker Heston Blue Chip Kutekatie Real Artist PA
11/8-11/10 HARRISBURG 687 T C Bonus Credit Andover Hall Lady With Credit Credit Winner PA
11/8-11/10 HARRISBURG 700 T C Mac Donny Donato Hanover Mackenzie Hall Cantab Hall PA
11/8-11/10 HARRISBURG 718 T F Four Lane Highway - OUT Donato Hanover Missy Lane Lindy Lane PA
10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 729 P C Sir Bubbles^ Heston Blue Chip Lady Bubbles Sportswriter PA
10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 731 P F Autumn Moon^ Heston Blue Chip Lunar Phase Roddy's Bags Again PA
11/8-11/10 HARRISBURG 733 T C Newly Knighted Donato Hanover New Royalty Giant Hit PA
11/8-11/10 HARRISBURG 737 T F Passport Moni International Moni Northern Hope Angus Hall PA
11/8-11/10 HARRISBURG 740 T F Shady Girl Cantab Hall Not A Diva Muscles Yankee PA
11/8-11/10 HARRISBURG 747 P C Hawaiian Chip^ Heston Blue Chip O Narutac Kaiulani Rocknroll Hanover PA
11/8-11/10 HARRISBURG 749 P F Josey's Law Heston Blue Chip Outlawed Beauty JK Outlaw PA
10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 785 P C Text Writer Heston Blue Chip Open Book Test Real Desire PA
11/8-11/10 HARRISBURG 791 P F Philly Sass Heston Blue Chip Sass Newton Storm Compensation PA
11/8-11/10 HARRISBURG 795 T F Gypsy Donna Donato Hanover Sea Gypsy Glidemaster PA
11/8-11/10 HARRISBURG 809 T C National Flash International Moni Smokin Ash Angus Hall PA
10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 823 P C Vandalism Betting Line Freedom Crossing Artiscape PA
10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 828 P F Left Turn Liz^ Heston Blue Chip Jenna's Delight Bettor's Delight PA
10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 870 P F Modern Day^ Heston Blue Chip Misty Speed Matt's Scooter PA