2024 Winbak Farm Yearlings

Born To Compete...Raised To Win

Winbak Farm yearlings are eligible to lucrative areas including Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Ontario and Pennsylvania.

Many yearlings are also eligible to the profitable Maryland Standardbred Race Fund. In addition, a select group of yearlings are dual-eligible to the rich Kentucky program.

The 2024 Yearling Roster is displayed below. Please click on a yearling’s name for pedigree.

Sale Hip Gait Sex Yearling Sire Dam Sire of Dam State
P F All Caps Captain Crunch Grip N Win Betting Line PA  / KY
T F Ann-Mari's Cookie Father Patrick Exotic Form Malabar Man PA 
T C Bar Fly Bandit Bar Hopping Donna's Dance Donato Hanover PA  / KY
T C Barroom Blitz International Moni Bar Ballad Windsong's Legacy PA  / KY
T F Bay Chaser Bar Hopping Aurora Bay Glidemaster PA 
P F Beach Wishes Bettor's Wish Drag N Sand Dragon Again PA 
T F Chillax Bar Hopping Day At The Spa Andover Hall PA 
T F Core Values International Moni Cardio Pump Angus Hall PA 
P C Devil's Mark Tall Dark Stranger Devil Child American Ideal PA  / KY
P C Encryption Papi Rob Hanover Code In Art Major PA 
P F Final Fling Bettor's Wish Feeling You Cambest PA  / KY
P F Flippin Liz Stay Hungry Flipit To Winit Western Ideal PA  / KY
P F Free Your Mind Bettor's Wish Free Show Badlands Hanover PA 
T C Green Shades Greenshoe Fifty Shades Malabar Man PA 
P C Hangry Boy Stay Hungry Village Madonna Rocknroll Hanover PA 
T C Hattrick Patrick Father Patrick Just For You Yankee Glide PA 
P C He's Epic Sweet Lou Swift N Shout Rocknroll Hanover PA  / KY
T C High Noon Inn Bar Hopping Boujee Girl Uncle Peter PA 
T C Hollywood Script International Moni Lady Love Hanover Cantab Hall PA  / KY
P F Hungry For A Crown Stay Hungry Crown Apple Western Ideal PA 
T F I Take The Cake Captain Corey I'll Bring Dessert Chocolatier PA 
T F Island Gypsy Father Patrick Sea Gypsy Glidemaster PA  / KY
P C Just Purrfect Stay Hungry Purrfect Bags Roddy's Bags Again PA 
P C Magic Monarch Sweet Lou Queen Fourteen Camluck PA 
P C Margarita Wish Bettor's Wish Margarita Monday Ponder PA  / KY
P C Masked Singer Tall Dark Stranger Feelinglikeastar Artiscape PA 
T F Misty Blue Father Patrick Blue Yonder Tagliabue PA 
P C My Cowboy Bettor's Wish Selinas's Joy Dragon Again PA 
P F My Sweet Becky Captain Crunch Happy Becky Cam's Card Shark PA 
P C Ocean B Always B Miki Planet Ocean Cam's Card Shark PA 
T C On My Command Captain Corey Commando Queen CR Commando PA 
P F Precious Gemma Sweet Lou Silk Pajamas Bettor's Delight PA 
T F Red Lion Mary Bar Hopping Some Kinda Special Cantab Hall PA 
P F Robins Song Papi Rob Hanover Pleasant Roll Roll With Joe PA 
T C Seven Husbands International Moni Kimco Hall Andover Hall PA  / KY
T F Sinister Sister Father Patrick Fitness Girl Muscles Yankee PA 
P F Sport N A Crush Papi Rob Hanover Sports Chic Sportswriter PA  / KY
T C Spray The Bar Bar Hopping Julia's Way Conway Hall PA 
P F Sweet Baby Blues Heston Blue Chip Sweet Bonnie Royal Mattjesty PA 
P F Sweet Julie Sweet Lou Parkavenuejulieann Bettor's Delight PA 
P F Telula Blue Heston Blue Chip Testing Center Dragon Again PA 
P F Tequila Sheila Stay Hungry Favorite Margarita Bettor's Delight PA 
P C Undercover Speed Stay Hungry Always Covers Bettor's Delight PA 
T C Worldly Dream International Moni Adreamcomestrue AS Conway Hall PA 
P C Worthy Chance Bettor's Wish Chancey Lady Camluck PA