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In 2018, Bolt The Duer’s first-crop yearlings will sell.

Our yearlings are eligible in Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Ontario and Pennsylvania.

2018 Goshen LINEUP

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SaleHipGaitSexYearlingSireDamSire of Dam State
9/9 GOSHEN 2PFBottle Of Red+Heston Blue ChipRed ZinfandelAllamerican Native NY

9/9 GOSHEN 4PCRock N Roll Moment+Bolt The DuerRock N LoveRock N Roll Heaven NY

9/9 GOSHEN 13PFShark Idea+Western IdealShark LadyCam's Card Shark PA

9/9 GOSHEN 14PFSilver Dust+Bolt The DuerSilver DialingHi Ho Silverheels NY

9/9 GOSHEN 21TFSpring Queen+CR ExcaliburSpring Lane JoanieBaltic Speed NY

9/9 GOSHEN 24TCSummertime Muscle+Muscles YankeeSummer HitGiant Hit NY

9/9 GOSHEN 36PCHeart Throb Kid+Quik Pulse MindaleWestern BeautyWestern Hanover NY

9/9 GOSHEN 39PCWinning Chip+Heston Blue ChipWinbak Las VegasArtsplace NY

9/9 GOSHEN 42PFAshlee’s Day+Bolt The DuerAshlee’s CourtQuik Pulse Mindale NY

9/9 GOSHEN 48PCBlue Ray Willie+Bolt The DuerBlue RaeBrowning Blue Chip NY

9/9 GOSHEN 50TCBronze Yankee+Muscles YankeeBronteaseBalanced Image NY

9/9 GOSHEN 52TCVery Candid+Conway HallCandid ManerDonerail NY

9/9 GOSHEN 53PFLady Centurion+Bolt The DuerCenturyJenna's Beach Boy NY

9/9 GOSHEN 54PCGroovy Joe+Roll With JoeChotat MilkJate Lobell NY

9/9 GOSHEN 55TCClassic Con+Conway HallClassical StrikeStriking Sahbra NY

9/9 GOSHEN 59PFDr Sarah+Well SaidDatefortheballPresidential Ball PA

9/9 GOSHEN 61PFGirl Has Game+Heston Blue ChipDonna's GirlVillage Jove NY

9/9 GOSHEN 63PFElegant Noelle+Heston Blue ChipElegant GirlAllamerican Ingot NY

9/9 GOSHEN 64TFShe'sgotwings+Lucky ChuckyEnergy DrinkMalabar Man NY

9/9 GOSHEN 65PCElusive Gent+Heston Blue ChipEscape GirlArtiscape NY

9/9 GOSHEN 68PFAmerican Rose+American IdealSantino’s RosaThe Panderosa NY

9/9 GOSHEN 69TFBlazing Fuchsia+Conway HallFuchsia SeelsterCheyenne Spur NY

9/9 GOSHEN 75PCFlow With Joe+Roll With JoeHidden PlayShadow Play NY

9/9 GOSHEN 81PCBolt Ruler+Bolt The DuerJK CabaretBettor's Delight NY

9/9 GOSHEN 88PFLynnly's Mom+Bolt The DuerLady Kimberly LynnCam's Card Shark NY

9/9 GOSHEN 89PCLatin King+Heston Blue ChipLatin LiftoffShotgun Scott NY

9/9 GOSHEN 93PCScotty D+Bolt The DuerLeavea SmileBlissfull Hall NY

9/9 GOSHEN 96PCAbstraction+Artiscape Lo Gophobia Presidential Ball NY

9/9 GOSHEN 99PCA Bolt Of Luck+Bolt The DuerLuck Runns OverBadlands Hanover NY

9/9 GOSHEN 100PFSelfmademillionair+Bolt The DuerMade Of MoneyAbercrombie NY

9/9 GOSHEN 101PCArt Nukem+ArtiscapeMama NukesNo Nukes NY

9/9 GOSHEN 102PCBankers Vault+Bolt The DuerMargie's SongAlbatross NY

9/9 GOSHEN 106PCPerfectly Said+Well SaidMy Perfect RhymeCole Muffler PA

9/9 GOSHEN 108PFTalk Show Chica+Heston Blue ChipNotalkingbackRoyal Mattjesty NY

9/9 GOSHEN 119PFFrills N Lace+Heston Blue ChipPrincess LaceArtsplace NY

9/9 GOSHEN 120TFBrawny Babe+Muscles YankeePromising DivaBroad Bahn NY

9/9 GOSHEN 121PFFinely Tuned+Heston Blue ChipPuccini Blue ChipMagical Mike NY

9/9 GOSHEN 122TFCharming Julieann+Lucky ChuckyQueen JuliaSand Vic NY

+Stored Stem Cells Available


2018 Sale Schedule

Goshen - 9/9

Lexington - 10/2-10/6

London - 10/13-10/14

Harrisburg - 11/5-11/7

Har. Mix - 11/8-11/9


Find more information on Stem Cells here: Equistem.org

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