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il 7, 2009 the Delaware House Gambling and Parimutuels Committee met and deliberated on House Bill 100.

The committee had received House Substitute 1 for House Bill 100 the evening before which took away the prospect of three extra casinos and 10 sports betting parlors, only adding sports betting to the three existing racinos.

In this bill the state will receive eight percent more of the video lottery revenue, taking one percent away from the horseracing purses, and no money from sports betting will go towards horseracing.

The racinos say that with the increased taxes and fees, there is the possibility that they will be out of business within the next few years.

After a brief private meeting, the House Gambling and Parimutuels Committee voted 5 to 4 to move it out of committee only with a promise from Swartzkopf that the bill would not be brought before the full House Tuesday afternoon.

If you oppose this bill please contact your local representative (link for Delaware Representatives’ contact information provided below).

House Substitute 1 House Bill 100
Contact Information for Delaware Representatives