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omson, owner of Winbak Farm and the 2009 Little Brown Jug Wall of Fame honoree, has brought national glory to Transylvania University. Thomson is a graduate of Transylvania and a member of the Lexington, KY school’s board of directors.

Transylvania’s Thomson Residence Hall, named for Joe and wife JoAnn, earned Federal Energy Star certification status this week after showing its success in energy efficiency. Thomson Hall, which opened last fall, is a three-story building with 31 suites that uses geothermal heating and air conditioning. The dorm has saved Transylvania $20,330 in utility bills over the past 12 months. Transy is one of two residence halls in the southeast to receive this prestigious designation.


Thomson and his wife led a fund drive which financed the construction of the student dormitory and the university honoured the couple by naming the building after them.


Thomson will be inducted into the Wall of Fame and presented a commemorative gold ring at the Mayor’s Breakfast to be held in the Hospitality Pavilion on the Delaware, Ohio County Fairgrounds on September 23, the date of the Jugette Filly Pace.