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an style="font-size: small;">Delaware To Appeal Fed. Court Decision On Sports Wagering on Monday, September 14, the state of Delaware filed a 24-page petition to the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals asking for the court to hear whether the state should be able to offer single-game sports wagering.

On Monday, August, 24, a federal appeals court ruled that the state of Delaware's bid to legalize single-game sports wagering be blocked, citing a violation of a 1992 federal ban on sports wagering.

Under the August 24 ruling, the state of Delaware was still able to offer some parlay wagering on professional sporting events, but with yesterday's filing, governor Jack Markell is not settling for just multi-game betting options.

"The state of Delaware should have its day in court. We hope we get that opportunity," Markell said via statement. "We believe there are important legal and factual questions that should be heard by the entire court."

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