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According to a report on, Delaware house majority leader Pete Schwartzkopf threw his support behind the proposed Del Point racino expansion at a demonstration yesterday in which frustrated, out-of-work labourers threw their shoes.

The article states that more than 200 construction workers gathered at Dover's legislative hall asking for officials to do more in terms of spurring job growth in the state. The workers brought old pairs of shoes with them, which they tossed at the doors of the legislative hall, asking legislators to 'take a walk in their shoes.'

“We have the means to vote on a bill that will create thousands of jobs in our state,” Schwartzkopf, referring to the Del Pointe racino push, was quoted as saying. “We have an opportunity.”

The contentious Del Pointe issue is currently stalled in the legislature.

In the article, Delaware Building and Construction Trades Council president Harry Gravell was cited as saying that it is time for the state legislature to give the green light to projects that will put his fellow workers back to work.

“I support jobs, period," Gravell was quoted as saying. "If it’s a casino, good. I don’t care. We’ve been out of work too long.”

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