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>It seems in the last couple of weeks Einstein the miniature horse has taken over the world.

Well here at Winbak Farm we have our own, actually a whole herd of Einsteins.

The last week of March brought with it a marked increase in visitors to the Winbak Farm foaling barn.

What was the attraction? Had Yankee Blondie, dam of Muscle Hill, foaled? No her Muscle Yankee foal is due in May.

The Thomson Miniatures were the source of this excitement. Starting the night of March 29th three Miniature Horse foals were born in four days!!

Starting with the birth of a 20 inch filly born to Ashlees Hope followed by a 19 inch blue eyed colt born to Vintage Spirit on March 31st. Not to be outdone, Thomson’s April Blossom produced a 19inch colt on April1st.

Not only are Joe and JoAnn Thomson one of the leading Standardbred breeders, they are also the owners of a herd of 23 Miniatures with another foal expected any day.

Their Miniatures were once shown at Miniature Horse shows across the Northeast by the Thomson’s three children, Bradley, Ashlee & Kimberly.

One senior member of the herd, 22 year old stallion, NFC Boy Blues Bugle, once appeared in the show rings handled by now, Winbak Farm General Manager, Garrett Bell. While the Thomson children are now grown and no longer show the Miniatures, they have been used by a local girl involved in 4H in recent years.

In fact, Ashlees Hope won Reserve Champion at the county fair in 2006. So while raising champion Standardbreds is what Winbak Farm is known for, the Miniatures are raised for the pleasure of anyone who sees the little horses out grazing in the beautiful fields of Winbak Farm in Maryland.