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The Ontario Harness Horse Association (OHHA) met Sunday night, Jan. 4, and the members voted to continue racing at Woodbine while contract negotiations with the Woodbine Entertainment Group continue. Late last month OHHA members voted to boycott the entry box, although racing has continued, and with reasonably-sized fields and cards.


In a press release posted on its web site on Monday morning, Jan. 5, OHHA said a large gathering turned out and voted to “support their negotiating team’s efforts to secure a satisfactory OHHA racing contract with WEG and in the circumstances are prepared to temporarily race their horses while those negotiations continue. The support for the negotiating committee included direction to maintain the positions the membership endorsed at this and previous meetings.


“The decision to stop withholding entries was based on two main considerations. First, it is a further show of good faith to WEG to assist with negotiations. Second, the withholding of entries was creating a situation whereby many horsepeople were suffering financially while others were benefiting. OHHA’s legal positions involved in bringing this situation, and support for those positions by its membership, have not changed at all.”