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Forest City Standardbred Sales Inc. and joint venture partner, Western Fair Association, have announced that Randy Manges and Lexington Selected Yearling Sales Co. has been engaged to manage the Forest City yearling and mixed sales in Ontario.


Randy Manges, co-manager of Lexington Select stated, “Forest City Yearling Sales is well-recognized as the premier yearling sales company in Ontario.  This is a great opportunity for all parties.  Forest City has an excellent reputation for selling high-quality yearlings.  Last November, we were brought in on a consulting basis with a mixed sale conducted at Western Fair and everything worked like a charm.


Many of the consignors at the Forest City mixed and yearling sales have sold with our company in Kentucky and are familiar with our staff and proven sales techniques.  I am confident great relationships will be formed with those we have not worked with in the past."   Manges added that his team plans to "grow the yearling and mixed sales in Ontario.  Ontario is regarded by many as the industry leader in racing in North America.  We have a clearly defined goal of expanding the yearling and breeding stock sales business so that breeders, owners and trainers can be rewarded as they take their product to market,” he said.


“Over the years, Randy Manges and his team have earned the reputation as being the foremost experts in all aspects of consigning horses at public auction. In today’s highly competitive marketplace, consolidation of efforts is commonplace for efficiency and growth. Randy’s proven management practices will take us to the next level in the commercial sales business and we are confident that our consignors will be rewarded,” says Ann Straatman, Chair of the Board of Forest City Sales. “On behalf of the entire Forest City ownership group, we wish to thank Brian Webster for his commitment to the Forest City Yearling Sale for the past nine years. Brian has truly served the industry well and we wish him all the best in his future endeavors.” (Lexington Selected press release)