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Now that all of the May 15 payments for the Pennsylvania Sire Stakes have been tallied, the projection for the purses being paid out in the series this year should be a record $12.4 million, with the championships set to carry purses of $200,000, up from the $150,000 purse they carried in 2008.


The Pennsylvania Sire Stakes pari-mutuel races feature four preliminary legs per division, each worth $200,000-$250,000 before being divided equally according to the number of entrants. The top eight horses overall in the prelims overall come back for a $200,000 Sire Stakes Championship; there will also be a $50,000 consolation per division.


On the county fair circuit, where Pennsylvania has been a North American leader for years, there are races at twenty fairs, with preliminaries going for approximately $12,000, again to be divided according to the number of those wanting to race. The top fair octet race for $20,000 in their Championships.


FINISHING LINES – The eligibility lists for Pennsylvania Sire Stakes racers for 2009 will be up on the Web shortly:, then “Commissions,” then “Pennsylvania Racing Commission,” then “Industry Development Programs,” then they are listed under Sire Stakes. Individual copies can be had from the Commission by contacting or 717 787 5539. (Pennsylvania Harness Racing Commission)